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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/23/2011

All politics and guns, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Dominino Feminino--a Brazilian blog operated by a group of journalists, has compared the U.S. Constitution to that of the Brazilian Constitution, both of which are under attack.  Be sure to click the button to translate the post from Portuguese into English.  

David Codrea reports that Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt had a confrontation with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly over the ongoing scandal at the ATF regarding smuggling U.S. guns into Mexico to pad statistics in order to 'prove' American guns are arming the Mexican drug cartels.

Vanderboegh discloses an explosive new revelation in the ATF gun-smuggling scandal.

Breda blogs on a curious email she received regarding a 'blow gun.'

Kurt Hofmann declares that pushing anti-gun Senators to investigate the scandal at the ATF can bear fruit.

Brigid posts the MUST-READ advice of the day regarding bullets.  Very important.

WRSA has a new chapter to add to the ongoing saga of 'unintended consequences.'

Pamela Geller alerts us to a bombshell story indicating that the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah is now operating in Mexico!

Way Up North says that the Castle Doctrine bill has been reintroduced in Alaska.

Dakota Voice provides interesting reading on 'how liberals think.' Take a look.

Tam comments on 'jackleg' gunsmiths.

Newbius opines on the real litmus test for liberty.

From Traction Control: 'Rebirth--the People of the Gun.'

Days of our Trailers provides commentary on the fact that Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel has been elected as the new 'don' of Chicago.

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