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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/2/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Mike McCarville has something you need to see on the 'disappearing foundation.'

Alphecca comments on the South Dakota bill that would require all citizens to buy a gun.

Around O-Town says that a Rabbi answers an interesting question on self-defense.

Tam posts a video showing the importance of 'rule 3' for firearms safety.

Breda says that it looks like she won't be doing her gun show anymore due to recent changes at Blog Talk Radio.  Take a look.

Newbius provides the quote of the day from Judge Roger Vinson.

Oleg Volk sends out an important notice along with one of his latest gun rights' photos/commentaries. 

David Codrea reports that the Washington Post picked up the story of the ATF scandal called 'Project GunWalker,' but they allowed a key claim to go unchallenged.

Kurt Hofmann provides more information on the despicable actions of 'the Bastard' Mayor Bloomberg in conducting a gun show sting operation outside of his boundaries--which are limited to NYC!  But apparently the Bastard recognizes no limit to his power.

Vanderboegh has an update on the Project GunWalker scandal, indicating that AG Eric Holder displays his complete corruption once again.  No surprise there.

WRSA asks, 'WWOD'--What Would Obama Do?  Go look.

Market Guru Karl Denninger notes that the press finally prints the truth about the financial crisis..which has broad implications for the U.S.

Way Up North posts the must read of the day on sheeple, earmarks, and the Constitution, among other things.

Brigid has some photos of the ice storm in Indiana, along with the other pics of dogs, guns, and FOOD!

GunRights4US shares some insightful observations concerning shooting and football.  Essential reading.

Standing By wonders why THIS is not considered 'establishing a religion.' Odd, given that similar actions on the part of Christians would not be allowed.

Gun Pundit reports that AR magazines are on sale at Brownells.

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