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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/19/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Mike McCarville reports that Republicans in Oklahoma have announced they will introduce legislation to nullify ObamaCare.  This comes on the heels of news yesterday that 26 states are now on board with the lawsuit against ObamaCare.

Around O-Town has the news story about the new states joining up with the ObamaCare lawsuit.

1 With A Bullet reminds us that a concealed carry permit holder helped subdue the shooter in the Tucson massacre.

Way Up North declares that guns culturally separate Alaskans from most Americans in the lower 48 and Hawaii.

Brigid has some wonderful news to share.  All I can say is, 'Praise the Lord!!'

WRSA says that the Chinese Commie dictator is 'showing his tail.'

Vanderboegh calls out Sebastian for failing to even mention the scandal revolving around 'Operation Gunwalker.'

David Codrea sends an open letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning the scandal, in which the ATF is neck-deep.

Kurt Hofmann looks at the complete background and development Operation Gunwalker scandal for those who may not be familiar with it.

Tam posts a video from the SHOT show.

GunRights4US points us to a scathing denunciation of the current tax system.

Alphecca notes the latest asinine claim by Michael More that gun owners are 'racist.'  What a freaking idiot.

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