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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/4/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid announces she is having surgery immediately for a tumor.  While she expects it to be nothing, prayers are appreciated.  You got it, my dear!

Market Guru Karl Denninger has urgent info on the 'terminal prognosis' of the American economy.  Given Denninger's track record, you had best pay attention and ignore the media reports of a 'recovery' in 2011!

WRSA posts some hard truths about current nuclear defense capability and the growing danger we face.

Standing By provides good reading on 'liberal fascism'--a term which is actually redundant given that fascism by its very nature is Leftwing--whether it's Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazi, etc, they are all totalitarian.

Tam has an interesting read on what happens to nuclear power plants in the event of devastating catastrophe.

Vanderboegh notes that the Democrats have tapped a top Obama lawyer to counter Darrell Issa's pending investigations into corruption.

David Codrea reports that a Texas newspaper has summarily dropped a Texas gun column from their pages, and further provides info on widespread disinformation being disseminated by 'authorized journalists.'

Squeaks says she is not having a good new year so far.  I'm sure she could use some good support. The gun rights-and-liberty community tends to be fairly close-knit for the most part, and I hate to see one of our own undergoing such difficulty.

Kurt Hofmann reports that the citizens of East St. Louis are apparently on their own against criminals. 

Around O-Town highlights yet another story showing the abject lunacy of 'Big Sis'--our illustrious director of DHS.

Behind the Parapet lists the many news stories showing that Americans are quickly becoming subjects in the new American serfdom.

Every Blade of Grass has a VERY special message for that quintessential career government parasite, Alan Simpson, concerning Social Security.

Way Up North provides the quote of the day.

The Stiletto posts most interesting information on the unemployment situation, from an angle that has not been reported but indicates the depth of our current economic woes.

Days of our Trailers comments on a group claiming that the Christian concept of 'the Rapture' will occur on May 21.  Now, it seems there is a direct warning from Jesus in the New Testament about such things, along the lines of 'no man knows the day or the hour.'  Meaning, of course, that those who engage in such predictions are kooks.

Blonde Sagacity has a lists of things you may have missed in 2010.  An interesting read.

Traction Control provides some gunnie goodness that you enthusiasts may find interesting...

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