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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Battle for the Republic to Intensify in 2011

Happy New Year to all my friends here at The Liberty Sphere.  I trust and pray that 2011 will be much better in terms of liberty than 2010.

But make no mistake, the battle lines are drawn, and the statists have no intention of going down without a fight.  They are now out of the closet entirely when it comes to their opposition to the Constitution, as you will read in my latest at Conservative Examiner.

But we who adhere to the Founders' vision have no intention of going down without a fight, either.  And we have truth on our side.  Liberty in the end will always triumph over tyranny.  The human spirit forever cries to be free.  Thus, we shall prevail, but we must not ease up one bit in the fight.  See you on the front lines of the battle.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Regretful Retraction--the 'Young Patriot With Cancer' Story a Hoax

I must issue a retraction of a story I published on December 20.

Apparently many of us on Twitter were thoroughly duped by a woman whose sister claimed was 'dying of cancer.'  As it turns out, both women (which in all likelihood are one and the same) were engaged in an elaborate fraud.

Conservative Examiner puts the story in context along with the retraction.

As one who lost a parent to cancer in the early 1990s, naturally I am immediately drawn to stories of people who suffer from the disease and will readily offer help through prayer and encouraging others to pray.  But people of this kind prey upon compassionate people for dubious ends.  It is a despicable thing.

Anyway, sorry for my role in leading well-meaning people astray.  It was certainly not done deliberately.

Former Shell CEO Says Gas Headed for 5 Bucks Per Gallon

Ominous news to report today--it would appear that prices at the pump are set to skyrocket, this time far beyond the oppressive $4 per gallon of 2008.

Read the whole story at Conservative Examiner.

5 bucks per gallon is actually a conservative estimate.  Some say that $7-10 per gallon is more realistic.  And that, my friends, will not only ruin any hope of an economic recovery but send the U.S. into a deadly tailspin that will lead to collapse.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time is Running out to Vote in the Poll

Hello there.  Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas day.

Time is running out for you to vote in the poll you will see to your left.  Take about 10 seconds and register your opinion.  So far the consensus is overwhelming that readers want the 2nd Amendment News Roundup to continue.

You have 5 days left to vote.  I'd love to hear from all of you.  Thanks!

White House Eyes Shakeup of Obama's Inner Circle

The chatter around Washington this morning focuses on the coming shakeup of the Obama inner circle.

Conservative Examiner reports.

The Sunday news programs indicated today that there are major changes on the way at the White House.  The impact these changes will have on policy remains to be seen.