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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Regretful Retraction--the 'Young Patriot With Cancer' Story a Hoax

I must issue a retraction of a story I published on December 20.

Apparently many of us on Twitter were thoroughly duped by a woman whose sister claimed was 'dying of cancer.'  As it turns out, both women (which in all likelihood are one and the same) were engaged in an elaborate fraud.

Conservative Examiner puts the story in context along with the retraction.

As one who lost a parent to cancer in the early 1990s, naturally I am immediately drawn to stories of people who suffer from the disease and will readily offer help through prayer and encouraging others to pray.  But people of this kind prey upon compassionate people for dubious ends.  It is a despicable thing.

Anyway, sorry for my role in leading well-meaning people astray.  It was certainly not done deliberately.


Rev. Paul said...

I too am sorry you were mislead, but don't feel bad about it. You were prompted by kindness and compassion - and that's never a bad thing.

If you had none, then I'd worry.

Welshman said...

Thanks, Paul, these things happen. I did my part to correct it, and now I have moved on. Such is life, ya know...