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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Latest White House Insider Interview--'Temporary Insanity'

'Deep Throat' has provided his first interview with the journalist going under the alias of 'Ulsterman' since the 2010 midterm elections.  This interview was conducted on November 8.

Conservative Examiner reports.

In this interview, the insider comments on the aftermath of the midterm elections for the Democratic Party, and makes a further disclosure concerning investigative journalists digging into the trash pile on Barack Obama.

Intriguing stuff!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Unraveling the Obama Presidency--More Insider Information

This is a follow-up to yesterday's article--more information from 'Deep Throat!'

Conservative Examiner has the story.

I would suggest you read it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/11/2010


All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Blonde Sagacity issues a salute on this Veteran's Day.

Alphecca offers this word of thanks to our Veterans.

And CLO has a special poetic tribute that is appropriate for this day.

WRSA says that his grandfather served in WWI in a machine gun unit, and he provides a highly informative blog post on the machine gun unit in that war.

Tam notes that police in Indianapolis have gotten spooked by citizens who open carry.

Standing By reports that the mask is coming off of massive voter fraud last week, in light of the fact that in ALL close races so far, somehow the Democrat mysteriously winds up the winner.

Behind the Parapet is a new 'grandpaw' (congrats!), and here he catches up on some commentary that went unpublished while he was away celebrating the birth.

Bloviating Zeppelin compares incoming House Speaker John Boehner with 'Queen Pelosi,' who is known here as 'the wicked witch of the west.'

Brigid has some great advice in a new poem she wrote.  He who hath ears to hear, let him hear!

Breda posts all the info on tonight's edition of 'B B and Guns' on Blog Talk Radio.

Days of our Trailers blogs on the dire situation in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Kurt Hofmann notes that East St. Louisans are having to take responsibility for their own security in light of this dire situation.

Vanderboegh has some sharp words for U.S. Representative Spencer Bachus, R-Alabama, who has been dissing the Tea Party.

Newbius notes the backlash taking place at airports over the new TSA 'intrusive' security techniques--intrusive as in examining and probing private body parts.

Around O-Town questions the effectiveness of U.S. troops training foreign armies.

David Codrea asks, 'Why Shouldn't Human Targets Shoot Back?'

'Deep Throat' Strikes Again; Reveals Insider Info on Obama, Hillary

The now-infamous White House insider that could be called a modern 'Deep Throat' has revealed further information concerning Obama, Hillary Clinton, a pending White House scandal, and the birth certificate issue.

The story is at Conservative Examiner.

So far, the veracity of Deep Throats assertions have been confirmed.  We'll have to wait to see if the rest of it comes to fruition.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breaking...Contradiction! Obama Panel Recommends Cuts

Although he sent the nation on an unprecedented spending spree, Obama appointed a debt panel that today recommended cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Nary word was mentioned about the trillion dollar ObamaCare program.

Conservative Examiner has the story.

Is it just me or does anyone else see a blatant contradiction inherent in this?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/10/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

John Jacob H has a video that he entitles, 'Waco Jim Cavanaugh (of the ATF) Lies Again!'

Traction Control gives us a preview of the new TV show called 'Sarah Palin's Alaska.'

Tam points to one guy who says he has solved the mystery of the missile launch off the California coast.

Newbius also opines on the mysterious missile.

Roberta X posits another theory about the missile.

Mike McCarville reports on an organization based in Oklahoma that is pushing for cuts in federal spending and reducing the national debt.

Alphecca has some sharp words for the self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont.

Around O-Town has a video of the despicable Fred Phelps, who gets his clock cleaned by a group of citizens who are sick and tired of his disruptions of military funerals.

David Codrea says that violent Leftists agree with the warning issued to law enforcement by the SPLC, which claims that conservatives with bumper stickers are a threat to the lives of police officers.

Armed and Safe provides a roundup of the gun rights examiners on

CLO suggest that perhaps Barry O needs his own reality show on TV.

Vanderboegh reports that Lawrence O'Donnell outs himself as a socialist and says that all firearms should be banned.

WRSA asks, 'Do we need a new word for treason?'

Brigid blogs on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Standing By notes that a new 'golden rule' seems to be in effect...

Squeaks give us an update on recent events in her life.  I'm sure she could use our thoughts and prayers.

Blonde Sagacity comments on George W. Bush's appearance on Oprah.

Gun Pundit opines on the demise of the blue dog Democrats, many of whom supported gun rights.

The Smallest Minority wonders if ACORN provided 'tax advice' for Somalian gangs that engaged in the sex trade by trafficking young girls.

Market Guru Karl Denninger notes there was a blast in the East concerning the Irish meltdown.  This is not good, folks!

What's So Bad About an Humble House Speaker Who Sheds Tears?

Considering the arrogance we've seen from Pelosi, Obama, and the Democrats, I'd say Boehner's tears are a breath of fresh air.

Read my commentary on this subject today at Conservative Examiner.

And I humbly thank you.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why the Debt Ceiling Should Not be Raised (Urgent)

Urgent economic news confronts us today, folks.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

Our only hope is that Republicans fulfill their promise not to raise the debt ceiling, then a reversal of current economic policies.  Unless that happens, a fiscal catastrophe is inevitable.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/9/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid provides a most interesting read on taking necessary precautions while dealing with lead during the reloading process.

CLO reports a barn-burner of a story that got little or no attention--a whopping 75% of the ATF's prosecutions were Constitutionally improper!

David Codrea provides a MUST-read follow up to yesterday's article.  This time he wonders if the ATF's Cavanaugh is a credible spokesman for the SPLC, which issued a warning to law enforcement that could result in conservatives being killed by police!

Alphecca has a report from Texas on a bill that would allow concealed carry on public college campuses.

Kurt Hofmann writes about the ideology of gun control, as viewed by the Brady's Dennis Henigan.

Days of our Trailers blogs on the 'strange math' used by the anti-gun crowd.

Way Up North reports from his trip to Hawaii, and issues this remembrance of Pearl Harbor and all of our war veterans. 

Vanderboegh says that a mystery missile was launched off the California coast.  The Navy says it wasn't theirs, and they did not indicate it was a test shot either...

From WRSA:  'Hardcore Wonking on the Collapse.'  Do yourselves a favor and read all of it, including all the links.

Standing By has the perfect follow-up with 'Bernanke Sentences US to Great Depression.'

Tam serves up some snarky commentary on the report that members of Congress who lost their reelection bids last Tuesday are getting 'grief counseling' at the Capitol.

Traction Control has 'Dinner with the Militia.'

Nicki says that 'crazy is DEEP in Washington.'  Tell me about it!

The Stiletto notes that not only were Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint kingmakers in last week's elections, but so was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Oleg Volk has today's collection of gun porn.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Report--Communist Party Covers Up Support for Obama

News comes today that the Communist Party has scrubbed from its website all references to their involvement with Obama campaigns in the past.

Conservative Examiner reports.

In light of the stunning repudiation of Obama on Nov.2, apparently the Commies view their involvement with Barry O as a liability for his reelection bid in 2012.


This is an outrage.  David Codrea was the first to report the story.

I followed up with commentary at Conservative Examiner.

If merely one solitary citizen loses their lives due to this despicable act of hysteria, then the SPLC should be brought up on criminal charges! 

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/8/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann examines whether or not last Tuesday's midterm elections are a victory for gun rights.

David Codrea alerts us to more shenanigans from the 'Southern Poverty Law Center, which apparently has warned law enforcement officials that if citizens with conservative bumper stickers are pulled over in traffic stops, the officers could be killed.  I kid you not... I have always said the SPLC is a sham, a dangerous threat to liberty, and now a threat to the lives of conservatives!

Vanderboegh opines on an 'ugly chain of events.'

WRSA has a riveting must-read entitled, 'Slaughter as Stimulus.'  Do yourselves a favor and read it!!

Brigid provides a report on her weekend trip to the firing range and other fun activities...

CLO updates us on the status of amendment initiatives in 3 states concerning hunting and fishing rights.

Way Up North decided to depart from Alaska for Hawaii before the winter season begins up there in earnest.

Around O-Town disputes Barry O's contention that Islam is being tarnished by 'just a few extremists.'  Make that 100 MILLION extremists!  True, that is a tiny minority out of the billions of Muslims in the world, but still, 100 million is A LOT of people!

21 Guns Salute writes a memorial to a Patriot who died over the weekend.

Tam blogs on rusty trigger fingers, shotguns, and other miscellaneous items of interest...

Standing By states unequivocally that healthcare is not a right.  Agreed!

Newbius questions the concept of so-called 'mandatory spending' at the federal level.

Nicki declares that England has surrendered, joining the other cowards of the European Union.

John Jacob H posts Rush Limbaugh's 'Three Rules of Election Fraud.'  Essential reading!

Alphecca reports that in one town citizens have found a way to block nutcase Fred Phelps from protesting military funerals.

Mike McCarville says that several pollsters have found a way to measure the Obama factor in last Tuesday's election results.

Breda has a most interesting read concerning an issue most gun and political bloggers have faced at some point--attacks from trolls.  It seems she has become a victim of such attacks of late.  I have plenty of  experience with these idiots myself.

The Oxpecker notes that Barry O has essentially moved the entire White House to India for his trip.  lol

Murdoc has been keeping up with the final space mission of Discovery, and here he blogs on the latest delay.

Pam Geller reports that 'an odd little moment' occurred during Barry O's trip to India when an official referred to the Prez as a 'fellow Kenyan.'  ROFL!

Republicans Set to Add More Seats to Historic Gains

This election is not over.  There are 9 undecided races in the U.S. House of Representatives.

For the complete rundown of where these races stand, read today's Conservative Examiner.

The news is good for Republicans.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Olbermann Debacle at MSNBC

Today I take a look at the Olbermann debacle at MSNBC and delve into an aspect of the case that has been overlooked in the aftermath of media scrutiny.

Read today's commentary on the situation at Conservative Examiner.

There is a Constitutional issue at stake here that no one is talking about.  It is to be hoped that after today, we WILL be talking about it.