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Monday, November 08, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/8/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann examines whether or not last Tuesday's midterm elections are a victory for gun rights.

David Codrea alerts us to more shenanigans from the 'Southern Poverty Law Center, which apparently has warned law enforcement officials that if citizens with conservative bumper stickers are pulled over in traffic stops, the officers could be killed.  I kid you not... I have always said the SPLC is a sham, a dangerous threat to liberty, and now a threat to the lives of conservatives!

Vanderboegh opines on an 'ugly chain of events.'

WRSA has a riveting must-read entitled, 'Slaughter as Stimulus.'  Do yourselves a favor and read it!!

Brigid provides a report on her weekend trip to the firing range and other fun activities...

CLO updates us on the status of amendment initiatives in 3 states concerning hunting and fishing rights.

Way Up North decided to depart from Alaska for Hawaii before the winter season begins up there in earnest.

Around O-Town disputes Barry O's contention that Islam is being tarnished by 'just a few extremists.'  Make that 100 MILLION extremists!  True, that is a tiny minority out of the billions of Muslims in the world, but still, 100 million is A LOT of people!

21 Guns Salute writes a memorial to a Patriot who died over the weekend.

Tam blogs on rusty trigger fingers, shotguns, and other miscellaneous items of interest...

Standing By states unequivocally that healthcare is not a right.  Agreed!

Newbius questions the concept of so-called 'mandatory spending' at the federal level.

Nicki declares that England has surrendered, joining the other cowards of the European Union.

John Jacob H posts Rush Limbaugh's 'Three Rules of Election Fraud.'  Essential reading!

Alphecca reports that in one town citizens have found a way to block nutcase Fred Phelps from protesting military funerals.

Mike McCarville says that several pollsters have found a way to measure the Obama factor in last Tuesday's election results.

Breda has a most interesting read concerning an issue most gun and political bloggers have faced at some point--attacks from trolls.  It seems she has become a victim of such attacks of late.  I have plenty of  experience with these idiots myself.

The Oxpecker notes that Barry O has essentially moved the entire White House to India for his trip.  lol

Murdoc has been keeping up with the final space mission of Discovery, and here he blogs on the latest delay.

Pam Geller reports that 'an odd little moment' occurred during Barry O's trip to India when an official referred to the Prez as a 'fellow Kenyan.'  ROFL!

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