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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Orwell's Nightmare--Big Brother is Here

A quick scan of the top news stories today show that not only are we running headlong into tyranny, but that tyranny is HERE, NOW.

The Orwellian nightmare of 'Big Brother' is now a reality, as reported today at Conservative Examiner.

And it will only get worse until the citizens rise up and stop it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/16/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Western Rifle Shooters Association has something important to consider.  Look at these graphics and decide, 'where are you?'

Vanderboegh says, 'You know, these days you just can't trust jackbooted thugs to be credentialed jackbooted thugs.'

From Around O-Town: 'It's Time to Hold New York's Anti-Gun Hands to the Constitutional Fire.'

Way Up North provides the quote of the day.

Brigid has another good one entitled, 'Falling Far from the Tree.'

Tam blogs on pistol training and has a recommendation.

Days of our Trailers says that gun lawsuits are flying all over the place.  Take a look.

Standing By asks an important question given the controversy surrounding the latest SCOTUS nominee--Could the Kagan Nomination Fail?

The Oxpecker posts important reading from Mort Zuckerman, stating that Obama is barely treading water.

Armed Citizen provides a good test of your knowledge with, How Well Do You Know the U.S. Presidents?

Gun Pundit reports that the History Channel is now casting for its second season of 'Top Shot.'

Traction Control presents 'Cry Baby.'  Take a look.

Oleg Volk has today's gun porn.

One of my favorite people, Pamela Geller, appeared on CNN recently to debate the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero in NYC.  Here is the video

Mr. President, YOU LIE!

The Left owes Congressman Joe Wilson an apology.  During Obama's state of the union address, the Congressman blurted out, 'You lie!' for which he received a tongue-lashing.

It turns out Wilson was right.  We have irrefutable proof that Obama is a liar.

Read about it at Conservative Examiner.

As we continue to discover what's actually in the ObamaCare bill and the new finance reform bill, it is clear that Americans have been sold a bill of goods based on lies--at the hands of the slickest, sleaziest charlatans in the history of the Republic!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/15/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Around O-Town gets us started today with the MUST-read of the day on the 'demonization of Second Amendment rights.'

Alphecca blasts a leftwing nutcase for claiming that gun control is a 'feminist' issue.

Armed and Safe has the roundup of all of the Gun Rights Examiners at

The Stiletto wonders if Obama is already a lame duck even before the mid-term elections.

GunRights4US posts 'We used to be Free, before Nanny Government.'

The Great Oleg Volk, gun rights photographer extraordinaire, provides 3 of his latest.

Breda announces that she and Bonnie will have a new radio show on Blog Talk Radio called 'B.B. and Guns.'  Take a look!

Nicki has a post today that is entitled simply, 'Stimulus.'  This graphic says it all.

WRSA points to an enraging op-ed in WaPo, prompting him to refer to the MSM as 'Filthy MSM Parasites.'  My view exactly!

Vanderboegh introduces us to one David Holthouse, 'premier paid liar' at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

David Codrea notes that the media is now touting actress Demi Moore and her husband as gun rights enthusiasts.  But David has good reason to differ with that designation.

Blonde Sagacity shares a video that features a Liberal blaming the citizens for Obama's dropping poll numbers.  Uhhh, that would be correct.  Normal citizens have now seen that the emperor has no clothes.

A Young Patriot Tells It Like It Is in 'We the People'--this needs to go VIRAL!

A young talent from New York has a lot to say about the present state of America and what we need to go to reclaim the Republic.

Her name is Ava Aston, and you can read about her and watch her new video at Conservative Examiner.

This young lady has a great voice, great looks, and best of all, a great message of Patriotism.  She tells the story as it should be told.  Don't miss it.  And pass it along to a college student or teenager.

My Latest Video--NAACP Only Hurts Its Reputation by Charging Tea Party with Racism

View it here on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/14/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

From Mike Vanderboegh: 'Are you ready for Obama's Reichstagsbrand? There are many ways of rigging an election, if you don't mind wading through blood to accomplish it.'  

Western Rifle Shooters Association has a video and commentary entitled, 'Constructing the 21st Century Socialist State.'

David Codrea reports that the Congressional forum on the so-called 'gun show loophole' excluded opposing points of view.

Mike McCarville posts a message to the NAACP from a Tea Party organizer--'look in the mirror.'

Brigid offers rather interesting commentary on a subject matter that is not for G-rated audiences.  lol

Around O-Town has the latest bad news for Obama--nearly 3/4 of Americans disagree with him!

Days of our Trailers catches us up on some news after having been away for a few days.

Every Blade of Grass blogs on the weirdness that's going on in the Gulf.  Interesting stuff!

Shannon bemoans the troubles readers have had in accessing her site, and provides us with some neat gun porn to boot!

Newbius provides an important read on the ignorance of the 'intelligentsia' on a number of issues, including the Second Amendment.

Way Up North has the mid-week Alaskan digest.  Take a look.

America Rising posts a MUST-see video!  Don't pass this up. (H/t to Way Up North).

The Wandering Minstrel makes an appropriate observation on the 'green enviro-freaks.'

Open Carry has news on a major victory for open carry of firearms.  Click on the red link concerning Topeka, Kansas.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership issues a special alert concerning the NAACP's race card deception.

Racism Accusation Against Tea Party Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

The NAACP has decided to use the race card to smear Tea Party activists.

My commentary on this unfortunate development is at Conservative Examiner.

The accusation smacks of desperation that will only come back to haunt the credibility of the NAACP.  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/13/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid has today's MUST-read entitled, 'I Am a Shooter.'

Standing By points to a good read on the propagation of the 'green industry' and the lies that must be told to promote it.

Alphecca says that talk-show host Stephen Colbert recently offered guns to his guests.

Roberta X notes some anti-liberty peddling going on at the Chicago Tribune of late.

David Codrea reports that the U.N. is up to no good again as it begins its global gun control conference in NYC.

Vanderboegh has some must-see videos and commentary on a recent scuffle with mainstream media and politician types who take what he says out of context.  Take a look.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts the riveting and disturbing '50 Ugly Facts About the U.S. Economy.'

Armed and Safe provides a good roundup of all of the articles written by Gun Rights Examiners at

From the Barrel of a Gun reports that a judge has ripped into a sheriff over denying a gun permit to a citizen.

Tam points to a TIME article from 1981 on gun control and notes that the rhetoric is basically the same.

Way Up North has an interesting message on politics, written Dr. Seuss style.

Traction Control issues a heads-up about a new filing requirement in the ObamaCare law, along with a way to make a point with the IRS.  Take a look!


A major study published in 2004 proves conclusively that carbon dioxide emissions do NOT cause climate change.

Yet the U.N. not only fails to recognize the study but continues its promotion of snake-oil climate change falsehoods.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

The 'science is settled,' alright, but not in the way that algore and the Obama minions think!  

Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/12/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea points to a New York Times editorial that shows the utter desperation of the anti-gun argument.

Mike McCarville reports that even some Democrats are telling Obama it was a big mistake to sue Arizona, and that the action is 'toxic.'

From Western Rifle Shooters Association: 'Atonement and Accountability.'

CNS reports that the so-called 'finance reform' bill will create a massive new bureaucracy, due to the little-publicized move of a Leftwing extremist to insert into the bill the mandate to create an 'office of minority and women inclusion' in every single federal agency.

Vanderboegh has the MUST-read of the day.  It is a scathing review of the NRA and its overt actions to keep tyrants in office based upon their throwing a few crumbs the NRA's way.

Armed Citizen posts 'A Miracle that Changed the World.'

This is off-topic, but dog-lovers like myself are going to find this article delightful, as Brigid blogs on her beloved Barkley.

Around O-Town provides this week's entry in 'tales of the gun.'

John Jacob H has an intriguing read on the growing long-arm of government oppression, entitled, 'Attack of the Trash Police.'

Tam blogs on the 'Begane Rotating Percussion Handgun'--with a video.  LOL.

Way Up North writes about a long-term test on the Crossbreed IWB Holster.

Nicki examines liberal debating styles on Internet blogs.

Newbius rates Senate incumbents on the issues that matter most to him, including gun rights.  A MUST-read!

Breda is looking for some spare rounds of ammo for one of these guns--take a look and see if you can help.

GunRights4US posts 'vital knowledge for anyone who would shoot to defend themselves.'

Environmental Chicanery and Alarmist Buffoons

A heat wave sets in and the alarmist buffoons who perpetrate environmental chicanery come out of the wood work.

Conservative Examiner takes a look.

And the U.N. is up to no good attempting to white-wash the record concerning the 'Climategate' scandal last winter.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Video--Beware Lame-Duck Tomfoolery After November Elections

Democrats are quietly conceding that they will lose the House, and possibly the Senate in this November's midterm elections, and they have developed a scheme to ram through unpopular legislation in the 'lame-duck' months after the election and prior to their leaving office in January of 2011.

Conservative Examiner explains.

Time for Patriots to develop a strategy NOW to prevent such tyranny from happening.  Pressure the GOP to filibuster any such attempt.

Join Me on the Radio TODAY!

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Follow this link for schedule, time, and call-in information.

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