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Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/12/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea points to a New York Times editorial that shows the utter desperation of the anti-gun argument.

Mike McCarville reports that even some Democrats are telling Obama it was a big mistake to sue Arizona, and that the action is 'toxic.'

From Western Rifle Shooters Association: 'Atonement and Accountability.'

CNS reports that the so-called 'finance reform' bill will create a massive new bureaucracy, due to the little-publicized move of a Leftwing extremist to insert into the bill the mandate to create an 'office of minority and women inclusion' in every single federal agency.

Vanderboegh has the MUST-read of the day.  It is a scathing review of the NRA and its overt actions to keep tyrants in office based upon their throwing a few crumbs the NRA's way.

Armed Citizen posts 'A Miracle that Changed the World.'

This is off-topic, but dog-lovers like myself are going to find this article delightful, as Brigid blogs on her beloved Barkley.

Around O-Town provides this week's entry in 'tales of the gun.'

John Jacob H has an intriguing read on the growing long-arm of government oppression, entitled, 'Attack of the Trash Police.'

Tam blogs on the 'Begane Rotating Percussion Handgun'--with a video.  LOL.

Way Up North writes about a long-term test on the Crossbreed IWB Holster.

Nicki examines liberal debating styles on Internet blogs.

Newbius rates Senate incumbents on the issues that matter most to him, including gun rights.  A MUST-read!

Breda is looking for some spare rounds of ammo for one of these guns--take a look and see if you can help.

GunRights4US posts 'vital knowledge for anyone who would shoot to defend themselves.'


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