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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/16/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun-rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Mike McCarville provides commentary on several Oklahoma amendments passed by voters, including the biggie where citizens by an overwhelming 70% majority mandated that Sharia Law not be implemented in the state in any form.  A federal judge quickly struck down the will of the voters.

Pamela Geller gives us a timely reminder as to why so many Americans have good reason to fear Sharia Law and extremist Muslims.

Around O-Town reports the enraging story that the TSA now maintains that anyone who refuses a groin check at an airport 'should be subject to civil penalties.'

David Codrea has breaking news of an interesting admission made by the ATF in court testimony.

Roberta X says that some mysterious highway signs in Arizona warn drivers of dead people roaming around.

Alphecca reports that although the Pennsylvania legislature passed a 'stand your ground' bill expanding self-defense with firearms, the bill sits unsigned on Governor Ed Rendell's desk.

WRSA issues a red alert concerning the quickly disintegrating global economy--which WILL drag the U.S. down even further.

CLO has excellent reading on what should be done with other countries that accept U.S. aid but blast us relentlessly.

Newbius notes Alinsky's rule number 5, as applied to the current TSA fiasco.

Brigid provides the quote-of-the-week, and it's a good one!

Tam reports that Eric Holder is stonewalling in an investigation into corruption at the DOJ regarding the New Black Panther Party case of voter intimidation.  What is this sleazebag hiding?

Way Up North says that the winter freeze has set in up in Alaska--DEEP freeze!

Vanderboegh comments on Obama's choice for the head of the ATF.

Kurt Hofmann notes that the gun control movement has a new poster boy.

Gun Pundit points to a car dealership in Florida that is giving away free AK-47s...IF you purchase a new truck.

Nicki reports that the freakin' fascist Commie-Nazis in the public schools who forced a boy to take his American flag off of his bike were met by a swarming wake-up call of angry citizens who turned out in droves to support the boy.  Good!

The Stiletto provides informative updates on the political news of the day, including circumstances in New Jersey where difficult choices are having to made...AND...more shenanigans in the public schools, among other noteworthy items.

Breda has another worthy quote of the day on firearms and training for women.

Oleg Volk, photographer extraordinaire, posts one of those 'holy moly' photos!  This is not for virgin eyes or the easily offended...but I had to do it.  I really did.  Now, if she would only move that cat.

Blonde Sagacity posts a most interesting commentary on the Tea Party.  While I do not agree with all of it, it is definitely an interesting read and a point worth considering.

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