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Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 11/15/2010

All news and politics, from the best gun-rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea notes that gun owners really dodged a bullet with the proposed lead-in-ammo ban, which went nowhere...but, the proposal is still simmering out there and diligence is a must.

Kurt Hofmann reports that a new fiasco points to the need for keeping the ATF under close scrutiny.

Vanderboegh says that he and David Codrea will be on the radio TODAY to discuss the ATF, Airsoft, and pistol grip shotgun destructive devices.  Click for the links to all the info.  You can listen via your computer.

WRSA has important information on how to become effective with your side-arm in long-range shooting.

Brigid says that deer season is open in Indiana, and she lays out some info on that and 'smokin'.'  Take a look.

CLO comments on a disgusting ruling by a federal judge, indicating that 70% of Oklahomans are 'wrong,' and only one man is 'right.'  Sheesh.

Mike McCarville has a follow-up to that unconscionable ruling with info on how Oklahomans feel about this issue.  Methinks the good judge should stay out of Oklahoma.

Way Up North provides a breaking update this morning on the ballot count in the Miller vs. Murkowski Senate race.

Tam opines on the Ulsterman series indicating an alleged White House insider is predicting a major scandal involving Obama, the DOJ, and the Chicago political mob will soon hit the fan.

Standing By has a MUST-read entitled, 'Taming the Administrative State.'  Do yourself a big favor and read it all.

Alphecca puts in an endorsement for Bulk Ammo--a good place to meet all your ammunition needs.

Nicki gloats over the fact that the Phelps gang from the Westboro 'Baptist' 'Church'--in quotes because they are neither Baptist nor a church--got their clocks cleaned by a group of citizens who are sick and tired of their antics at military funerals.

John Jacob H says that 'the Bump Stock Returns.'  Watch the video.

GunRights4US has essential reading on that sleazebag Leftist billionaire George Soros and the organizations he funds.

Days of our Trailers blogs on the next generation of gun grabbers.  Scary stuff.

Every Blade of Grass posts important reading indicating that now the election is over, there is still much left to be done.

Around O-Town reports that an anti-Sharia law bumper sticker led to a stabbing.

Newbius provides a follow-up to the story of the growing movement around the country to boycott the airlines and airports due to the unconscionably intrusive new practices of the TSA.  In fact, I am urging folk to boycott all air travel over the holidays in particular--during what is normally their busiest time of year.

Breda adds her commentary concerning this issue.

And then Traction Control wonders if working for the TSA is a pedophile's dream job.

The Wandering Minstrel has something new called 'the Glock Clock'--it gives you the military time using a Glock as the icon.

Pamela Geller provides a must read entitled, 'When Jewish Windows Break.'  Are we reverting back to the German Nazi mindset?

Hey, guys, I have 2 TSA jokes I put up on Twitter last night, and I thought you might like them under the current circumstances.

Joke 1
The most commonly-heard statement from TSA agents:  'Sorry, ma'am, but our scanner is down.  We'll have to do the "pat down" (wink, wink).'

Joke 2
The TSA's New Motto--'We're groping for security!'

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