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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/28/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Alphecca reports that Democrats could steal the Governor's race in Vermont.

Mike McCarville says that in Oklahoma, Republicans are poised for a sweep.

It's good to hear from Jay again over at 21 Guns Salute following an extended absence.

Days of our Trailers notes that an anti-gun group curiously refers to itself as 'non-partisan.'

Breda has all the info on tonight's edition of 'B B and Guns' on Blog Talk Radio.

GunRights4US points to a premise that provides the criteria for when 'push back' resistance is necessary.  Take a look.

Dustin's Gun Blog reports that the city of Phoenix has stepped on the 1st Amendment in order to attack the 2nd Amendment.

John Jacob H provides an excellent video from a man who has a lot of wisdom to offer on history, gun rights, individual liberty, etc.--and is central to the struggle for gun rights in Chicago.

Tam opines on the process of voting.

Newbius has some election predictions.

Way Up North offers a must-read, a 'bill of non-rights' for those who seem to be confused by the Bill of Rights.

The Stiletto has spot-on commentary today on various issues, one of which is, does the U.S. need election monitors?  With the numerous reports of election tampering and voter fraud, perhaps it is a good idea.

Traction Control provides the latest example of vote fraud, which has resulted in an arrest. 

Gun Pundit has info on how the plan to upgrade the M4 is all set to go.

The Oxpecker issues a report that says Obama is unlikely to last through is first term of office.

Kurt Hofmann dispels the asinine notion of the CSGV that 'only government can protect you from the government.'

David Codrea notes that a gun grabber is exploiting a product recall to renew the attempt to ban 'semi-automatic' weapons.

WRSA blogs on 'the 6 trillion dollar problem.'  Essential reading.

Vanderboegh has a Halloween Valentine card just for the ATF.

Brigid 'takes to the sky' in her special road warrior series.

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