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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/27/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Mike McCarville reports an update on NYC's push to restrict the rules for issuing gun permits.  Are you a litterbug?  No gun permit for you!

Alphecca reports more thuggery at SEIU!

Pamela Geller follows up with a Demo-Coup alert--they are stealing this election!

From Behind the Parapet: 'The Rock and the Hard Place.'

Murdoc says that the Afghan who killed U.S. sailors may have been captured.

Vanderboegh has an update on armed 'Restore the Constitution' rallies around the country.

David Codrea posts a roundup for all of the gun rights examiner articles at

WRSA provides 2 must-reads today--'The Anger of the Honest' Parts 1 and 2.

CLO says that behind the scenes Barack Obama is pushing the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which is a direct attack on American gun rights.

From Brigid: 'Thoughts Laid Out in Black and White.'

The Oxpecker presents an inconvenient and unsettling truth--Obama's Marxist Mentor.

Nicki says that Internet scammers are extra special foul swine.

Standing By offers comments on an article that notes we are in the midst of a major Constitutional crisis in America.

Newbius opines on all of the instances of voter fraud and election tampering being reported across the country.

Traction Control adds to the discussion about the fraud issue.

The Great Oleg Volk, gun rights photographer extraordinaire, offers one more dang good photo of a 'chick with a gun.'  Go see.

Market Guru Karl Denninger posts a must-read on 'Monetary Idiocy and Treason.'

Gun Owners of America issues a special election alert, highlighting pro-gun Congressmen.

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