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Monday, October 04, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/4/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea writes an article today in support of random drug testing for police officers.  As expected, the police union in one large city opposes it.

Vanderboegh says that the next time someone tells you that environmentalism is 'benign,' direct them to the video he has posted today.

WRSA reminds us that there are only 90 days left until we as Americans get hit with the largest tax hikes in U.S. history, compliments of the Marxist minions in the Obama Administration and their enablers in the Democrat-controlled Congress.

CLO blasts the Obama Administration in this barn burner entitled, 'Wouldn't it be comical if your daughter or your son or your niece or your nephew was lying dead in the street?'

Brigid says that if you are going to read anything at all that she has posted over the last month, read THIS one.  Essential reading on using a gun in self-defense.

Way Up North has the quote of the day from John Adams.

GunRights4US posts some important pictures you WON'T see in the media!

Tam links to some gunny goodness today.

John Jacob H reports that an open carry group plans to sue Madison, Wisconsin.

Open Carry offers a plethora of news links concerning the push to legalize open carry in the various states.

Around O-Town posts a parody today, a song to the Taliban, to the tune of 'Send in the Clowns.'  LOL!

Every Blade of Grass has an important, must-read reminder concerning the upcoming Nov. elections.

Alphecca alerts us to the fact that an important 'stand your ground' vote is occurring today in Pennsylvania--similar to the 'Castle Laws' in various other states.

Nicki's title for this post says it all--'Repugnant communist trash infests National Mall.'

Remember 'Snuffy' Pleger?  The priest in Illinois who has a vendetta against guns and gun owners?  Days of our Trailers updates us on the antics of Snuffy.

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