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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/2/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Pamela Geller keeps us updated with all the latest concerning extremist Muslims, who are now using the intimidation tactic of suing 'unbelievers' in court over perceived 'criticism of Islam.'

David Codrea reports the outrage that North Carolina has been declared a 'gun-free-zone' in anticipation of Hurricane Earl.  Yeah, disarm the citizens in a disaster to prevent them from protecting themselves.  Very smart. North Carolina SUCKS--the California of the south!

John Jacob H has more on this outrage, along with a video of the N.C.Leftwing politicians. My message to citizens--DEFY these lawless, treasonous tyrants!

Standing By calls attention to some hysterics over the fact that some on the no-fly list can buy guns..

Vanderboegh notes that the Discovery Channel hostage-taker, now deceased, was an Al Gore, environmentalist loon--a fact which the mainstream media has conveniently ignored.

The Stiletto adds her commentary on the violent Leftwing extremist who stated he wanted to rid society of human babies since they are most responsible for 'global warming.'

Brigid has a most interesting 'living will.'  Take a look!

Conservative Libertarian Outpost provides a suggestion on how to solve the Arizona illegal alien crisis.

Around O-Town opines on the growing threat of Mexican drug cartels now operating in Arizona.

Alphecca reports the public support for Arizona's illegal alien law is increasing.  Good!

Tam files a report from gun school.

Breda says that she and Squeaks will return to the air tonight for their radio show--B B and Guns.  Take a look for time, place, and info.

WRSA presents a series of informative videos on long-range rifle skills.

Every Blade of Grass is always up to some interesting activity, and here he gives us an update.

Days of our Trailers points to stonewalling on the part of the Obama Administration as to why the M15 poses a 'threat.'

Blonde Sagacity has a MUST-read on the ACLU and the American Taliban.

Mike McCarville posts a report from the AP indicating ominous signs for the Democrats in November.


MikeH. said...

Regarding David Cordrea's report on North Carolina's "state of emergency/no guns for you" declaration; a quick read of the Wikipedia page for Gov. Bev Perdue will explain EVERYTHING...

She is a demo-cretin who majored in education and, uses her ex-husband's last name as her last name and her current husband's last name as her middle name. Go figure!!!


Welshman said...

There are deep, insidious problems in the political structure in North Carolina, which is dominated by Liberal Democrats. I warned about this prior to the last election, to no avail. The state went for Obama, and proceeded to elect the most outrageously duplicitous persons to office I have seen--closely akin to California, Chicago, New York, etc, etc.