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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 9/1/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Vanderboegh has a full report--a must-read, including comments from readers, on the 'Restore the Constitution' concept--the coalition of the willing.

Standing By makes spot-on observations about the Obama Administration concept of America as a 'human rights abuser.'

WRSA posts a highly alarming alert concerning the latest woes of the FDIC, which puts all banks and money of depositors in great peril.  Read it all.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost issues a RINO alert, which is of utmost importance, given the dire need of ridding Congress and other elected offices of 'Democrat-lite.'

David Codrea asks, 'Will Only Criminals Oppose Proposed Portland Gun Edicts?'

Brigid has an interesting post on the Winchester 1894--the cowboy's dream.

Way Up North celebrates the victory of conservative Republican Joe Miller over RINO Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, now that all the votes are counted and Murkowski has conceded.

Traction Control follows up on that story with 'It's Miller Time!'

The Wandering Minstrel provides his latest installment of 'Dispelling Arizona Immigration Myths.'

Tam notes that attempting to save money by cheaping out on your gunsmith will wind up costing you much more.

GunRights4US opines on the DOJ's website overhaul, which involves at least one troubling change.

Blogonomicon is an old friend we haven't caught up with in a long time.  He is a gun rights activist, a pipe smoker, and a connoisseur of music.  Go have yourself a look at his latest offerings.

Roberta X blogs about gun school.

Alphecca reports the expected bad news that the California Senate approved the open carry ban.

Open Carry has a breaking update, however, in its scrolling news aggregater section, indicating that the entire Assembly failed to approve the open carry ban.

Charles Nichols has more on how the open carry ban was stopped in California.

Behind the Parapet sends a message to Barry following his rather truthless address to the nation last evening.

Pamela Geller exposes an explosive statement by the imam behind the Ground Zero Mosque, who said there can be no peace in the Mid-East unless the Jewish state is dismantled!

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