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Thursday, September 30, 2010

EXPOSED! Massive plot by Leftwing e-thugs uncovered

A ton of irrefutable evidence has just come in exposing the nature and vast expanse of the Obama-goons' Internet campaign to destroy the Tea Party movement AND conservatives in general.

Conservative Examiner has the full details and links to this extensive, thorough, and explosive investigative report.

This gang of thugs are paid, and they are dangerous, issuing numerous death threats against conservatives, Tea Party activists, and major figures in the news, including the threat to rape their wives and children.

These people aren't playing.  They MUST be stopped with everything in our arsenal.  Patriots, pass this along and beware!  Be ready.  WE need to go on the counter-offensive.  So, use every tactic at your disposal to thwart these cyber-bullies, and keep your firearms nearby in case of personal attack.

This will only get worse as the Progressive/Marxist movement continues to lose its hold on the voters.

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