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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Combat soldier in Iraq exposes Obama lies

One more example of Obama's lies and deceit.

Conservative Examiner has the complete story from a combat soldier in Iraq.

Beware the 'sleight-of-hand' technique.  It is Obama's M-O.


Patrick Sperry said...

Only too true about the sleight of hand Anthony. No place for comments there any more?

I'm thinking of re-posting it, with full accreditation,as always.

Welshman said...

There is a low-life, sorry-arsed Leftwing troll who is making quite a nuisance of himself, constantly calling me a liar, and the like. So I cut off all comments over there. Then, he began harassing comments here, which I only delete rather than post, PLUS he has successfully gained for himself the designation as a kook completely off his rocker due to 'reporting my articles to Examiner' EACH AND EVERY DAY. LOL!!

There are some real winners out there, and very dangerous.

Glad you like the article. And you are most welcome to post it at your place, as always.!

Glad you stopped by!


Patrick Sperry said...

Shame that you don't have a ban tool that tracks IP's Anthony. I'll re-post it, and if your troll stops by I'll treat it appropriately!