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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 8/4/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea reports that journalists are spreading false information, gleaned from the 'Violence Policy Center,' on 'machine guns.'

Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman posts good reading entitled, 'Gun Rights vs. Gun Wrongs.'

Tam writes on one-sided rifle matchups in history.

Days of our Trailers gives us an update on the Brady campaign to rob citizens of their guns in 'Stirring Up the Bottom.'

I have a feeling we're not in Mayberry anymore, Barney.  Vanderboegh points to Andy Griffith's overt campaign in support of ObamaCare.  Despicable.  But I am not surprised.  As much as I respect Griffith for his many wonderful years as an actor on several great TV shows, his politics have always of those dirty little secrets about North Carolina.

From the Barrel of a Gun shows us an image that has an amazing resemblance to Pelosi.  Be sure to note the caption.

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides a poignant, must-read reminder concerning the barbarism of the murderous Khmer Rouge in Southeast Asia and the fact that they are part of the Chinese Communist machine--you know, the ones who hold most of our debt?

Alphecca reports that ABC News did a segment on the NRA vs. small, grassroots gun rights organizations.

Roberta X has a VERY interesting post on the latest stats concerning guns and violence.

GunRights4US posts essential reading on 'the madness of the liberal appeasement crowd.'

Way Up North provides some insight into a few items of interest from the great state of Alaska.  Always a good read!

Breda has some gun porn today--neat vintage firearms.

Squeaks, who cohosts a new radio show on guns with Breda, updates us on her life of late...keep her in your thoughts.

Traction Control has a photo of the northern lights last night as a solar storm streaked across the earth's magnetic field.

Standing By says it like I like it concerning the 'Chevy Volt.'  The car is a joke, a sick joke, paid for with tax dollars.  This is going to be America's Yugo.  Of course, I have no use whatsoever for GM or Chrysler anymore, anyway, once they succumbed to the socialist-nazi doctrine of Obama and the Democrats.

Newbius points to a news story that shows the blatant intolerance of the Leftwing.

Pamela Geller provides an update on her continuing struggles against Muslim extremist scum who call for her death and malign her reputation...this time, on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News program last night!!  Support Pam by going over there and buying her new book.  It is excellent!

Gun Owners of America issues a special alert concerning the Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.  Time to make some last-ditch effort phone calls to Washington.  Looks like the Marxist minions are going to give us this horrific nominee, with the help of  RINO turncoats Graham, Brown, Snowe, Collins, Lugar, Judd Gregg, and Mark Kirk.

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