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Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Major Democrat Scandal the Mainstream Media Ignores

More abject bias in the state-run media.

I bet you haven't heard of THIS major scandal involving Democrats, as I report today at Conservative Examiner.

Read and learn.


H. M. Bascom said...

Your conservative bias is showing. The story was indeed picked up and carried by the alleged liberal media.

The following news outlets carried the story:

Washington Post



And from the Associated Press it went nationwide to all affiliated networks and news blogs. Salon and Huffington Post ran the story as well. You owe your readers an explanation and clarification.

Welshman said...

I owe them no such thing. When has this story received top billing as in the Jack Abramoff story, which was not nearly as scandalous as this? When has this story been the lead in for nightly news broadcasts for weeks, as in the Abramoff story? What newspaper had this on the front page headline, as with the Abramoff story? You think that an obligatory mention of this on the back pages, and not even mentioned at all on the networks, is adequate? YOUR bias is the one that is showing.

And by the way, I admit mine. I am the National CONSERVATIVE Examiner. The state-run media, which you defend, will NEVER admit their blatant bias. Thus, they are fraudulent and engaging in media malpractice.