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Friday, July 02, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/2/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea has some good news concerning the NRA, which has taken a beating in the court of public opinion of late.  The organization will score the Kagan vote, meaning that those who vote for confirmation will be dinged in the NRA's rating of politicians and candidates.  This should help discourage Republicans from voting for her.  Go read the whole thing.

Kurt Hofmann points to signs that the Supreme Court's decision removing the Chicago gun ban may be embraced by the Black community.  Al Sharpton says his figures show that 90% of the calls he receives are in favor of the Court's decision against Chicago's unconstitutional bans on guns.

Brigid has been very sick but she is feeling some better.  Pray for her, and read her latest entry.

Vanderboegh says that if you want to see what a civil war looks like, look no further than a highway in Mexico where the very same criminals who are creeping into Arizona, aided and abetted by Obama, wreaked havoc.

Nicki posts a good read on the lunacy that infests Washington...and we let these people control our economy!

WRSA has a MOST important read on a new initiative called S.T.A.R.P.P.

Ha!  Tam posts an example of what could be called 'The McDonald Effect.'  Take a look.

Way Up North issues a vital alert from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership on the coming trainwreck of skyrocketing taxes.  Prudent people will read and get prepared, and maybe determine to work harder to throw the bums out in November.

Alphecca issues a report on how Chicago Mayor Daley intends to try to get around the Supreme Court's ruling that negates the city's gun ban.

It's WEASEL TIME!!  The best political cartoons on algore 'the sex-crazed poodle's' internets, and The Ol' Broad has 'em.  Enjoy, and happy Independence Day weekend everyone!


Brigid said...

Thanks T. I am feeling a bit better but still pretty puny. Probably another week at home.

I don't care if the doctors tell you that at 40 something you're too young for the pneumonia vaccine, pay for it yourself and GET IT.

big hug

Welshman said...


I'm glad you are feeling better, but sorry to hear you are still puny enough to be home for so long. On the other hand, you might need the rest anyway...if you can get it being sick.

It's sometimes very hard to rest when you have breathing problems. I truly hope this eases off soon.

Get well soon, dear.