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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/29/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea has the must-read of the day as he asks a VERY good and vital question--'Is the NRA Squelching Dissent on Kagan?'  I'll tell you one thing, I have already thrown down the gauntlet and drawn a line in the sand concerning the GOP and Kagan.  If Graham, McCain, Brown, Snowe, and Collins vote in favor of her, I will work with every ounce of strength in my being to make sure they are NEVER reelected again!  And to the NRA, YOU are warned as well. Get on the liberty bandwagon, or REAL Patriots will ditch you so fast your collective heads will spin out of control.

Kurt Hofmann notes that although the Supreme Court incorporated the Second Amendment to apply to all state and local governments, there is still much to be worked out, and a LOT of loopholes through which the enemies of liberty and gun rights can slither through, THANKS TO THE FREAKIN' WOOSIE pragmatists!

Jennifer III left us something to consider while she is taking a break.  I truly hope she gets some much needed rest and rejuvenation and comes back soon!

WRSA posts two pieces of essential reading, one regarding Glenn Beck's new book, The Overton Window, which the blogger says he discovered 2 years ago...and the other which warns that state governments in the US face Greek-like deficits.

Vanderboegh issues a VITAL alert!!  Read this before you go applying for concealed carry licenses!!!  There is a very good reason.  Obama wants those records!!

Days of our Trailers provides several key quotes of the day on the Chicago gun ruling by SCOTUS, one of which is from the IDIOT Mayor Daley.

Nicki weighs in on the Supreme Court decision yesterday.

Brigid has an excellent piece on why we carry, in response to the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday.

Way Up North shares some good reading today that you will not want to miss.  Go take a look!

Tam wants to know if there is anybody in this Administration who isn't a crook.  The short answer is 'No.'  The long answer is 'HELL, no!'

Shannon says 'welcome to the gun show!'

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