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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Got BANNED from 'Free Republic'

Why would a conservative activist site ban a conservative activist?

That's what I wanna know.  I share a few observations and opinions on my being banned here, at Conservative Examiner.

Oh well, such is life.  Time to move on.


Anonymous said...

Because you were a spammer who threatened other members.

Learn some net etiquette.


Welshman said...

You are a barefaced despicable liar. I NEVER spammed anything whatsoever. The ONLY thing I ever did there was post one article per day on average. That is NOT the definition of 'spam.'

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are delusional. Free Republic is an activism community- one of the oldest, not a place for self promotion. Your post lists show article pimp after article pimp after article pimp with very little interaction. On most sites, you have to pay advertising for that. I've been there for a decade and you were one of the worst spammers (or pimps) of your own work. Wake up and respect private property.

"Most forum spam consists of links to external sites, with the dual goals of increasing search engine visibility in highly competitive areas such as weight loss, pharmaceuticals, gambling, pornography, real estate or loans, and **generating more traffic for commercial websites. ** "

Examiner is a pay per click BLOG, all you were doing was trying to drive your pay per click numbers up.

Of course, I'm sure you'll still tell yourself you were just banned because you are 'too conservative' or people are big meanies and it had absolutely nothing to do with your own actions.

Anonymous said...

Blog spam, or "blam" for short, is spamming on weblogs. In 2003, this type of spam took advantage of the open nature of comments in the blogging software Movable Type by repeatedly placing comments to various blog posts that provided nothing more than a link to the spammer's commercial web site.[6] Similar attacks are often performed against wikis and guestbooks, both of which accept user contributions.

Welshman said...

Delusional? ROFL!! According to your own definition here, I never engaged in such behavior. I did not post links to my work on other blogs.

And how about the copyright violations you and your cohorts engaged in by republishing ENTIRE articles without permission? Free Republic has been warned about that before. But it only continues.

So, you are obviously not a credible source on 'spam' since you clearly don't have a clue about copyrights. You are a despicable LIAR.

Cobra said...

I was banned by them in 2005 or 2006 when I suggested that Bush's open border policy and his amnesty promoting policy, while carrying two wars against terrorism doesn't make any sense and may be an impeachable offense.
They labeled me a "troll".
That was the end for me regarding "Free Republic".
If free speech can not be allowed on a conservative blog, as it is not allowed on left wing nut web sites, that told me everything I needed to know...

Welshman said...

Yeah, it's pretty sad when one begins the realize that the site has been usurped by those who are actually helping the Leftwing cause by conducting a campaign of 'attack, discredit, destroy' against some of the most ardent conservative activists in the nation. And what's worse is that moderators/administrators allow this to go on.

Anonymous said...

I was banned a few years ago for daring to challenge Young-earth creationism in an appropriate discussion thread, because the moderator was a rabid fundamentalist...

Many people were appalled by the speed in which FR's (or whatever they call them) move to permanently silence opinions they don't like. And the lack of response from the website's owners disgusted a lot of long time members there, who watched the blog site become the antithesis of free speech in some cases.

Anonymous said...

While it's obvious that if Mr. Welshman was posting his own Examiner articles on FR, multiple times, it's spam, period. He may not feel like his stuff is the same as spam, and I would guess that feeling is much like the one YEC's get when they encounter scientific data they do not may not feel like evidence, but it is....

BTW, I got here through your Examiner article on the Algae Scam, and I thought it was a good article, not sure of the veracity of the claim, but there seems to be no limit to the depths of evil these guys in power now will wife asked how you know whether the myriad of conspiracy theory stories are true or not?

I said, "If the guy is making money off what he is legislating, he's guilty, period. That's why they had ethics laws to begin with.....amazing that those laws which still exist mean nothing to these people, sort of like when Ricky Riccardo started sleeping with Lucy in the same bed....they just slipped it in one day.

I know it doesn't feel like we are making money......

Drop the FR debate....he's right, you are wrong, FR sucks anyway. Never give them another thought, dude.

Sonny Craig
Religion and Society Examiner, Phoenix

Since Examiners are exempt from the charge of Spammanating, here's my spammanation on your blog....btw, I had over 1700 page views on this article below in two days, my highest count yet, can't figure out why this one got so much traffic, can't duplicate it...:

Welshman said...

Sonny--I respectfully disagree, and here's why. It's an open forum. There is no stated rule in their terms of service forbidding people from submitting their own work.

At FR, apparently there is a ton of UNspoken rules that will get you banned. Yet others who do the same thing do NOT get banned. It all seems rather arbitrary to me.

But, as I said, I have moved on, I wish them well, and that's that.