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Monday, June 21, 2010

Conservatives Leading in Most Races Around the Country

Good news for conservatives at this point as we head toward the November midterm elections.

Conservative Examiner provides a panoramic view of various races around the country which should foster some hope regarding taking back our beloved country from Marxist usurpers.

Thanks for reading.


Rev. Paul said...

Thank you and God bless you, sir, for continuing to keep track of things we all need to know.

Welshman said...

Thank you, my dear friend, for your kind words, and God bless you as well.

iloveamerica1980 said...

Dang, you got ZOTTED from Free Republic! That'll leave a mark!

Maybe now you won't toss threats around so freely.

Welshman said...

iloveamerica--Yes, they banned me...for threatening to sue someone who broke the law by posting my copyrighted material without my permission. But life goes on. It's not the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

Oh, and by the way, several posters, including the Adm. Moderator, told outright lies about me and refused to stop with abusive behavior and harassment. That is pretty bad for a site that supposedly supports conservative activism.