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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update on Manning Trial of Barack Obama--Day 3

During the proceedings today in Harlem, New York, testimony was entered into the record from the founder of the Marxist organization at Occidental College, where Obama first entered college.  The man, Dr. John Drew, is a former friend of Obama.

In this interview Dr. Drew stated:

1. Dr Drew was the founder of the Marxist Organization at Occidental College.

2. Obama was a radical Marxist revolutionary that constantly preached about redistribution of wealth and transformation of the political system.

3. Obama had no black friends, they were only white and foreigners (Middle Eastern)

4. Obama wanted to overthrow the wealthy

5. Obama had no girlfriends and that he was not a hard working student that hit the books hard. He liked to party more than study.

6. Islam and Marxism fit together perfectly and that is why leftists and the Muslim students mixed very well.

7. Obama was always dressed very nice, had designer clothes and drove in a BMW. Obama's friend Mohammed Chandoo from Pakistan seemed to be rolling in cash and Obama was not struggling at all. They spent their money on partying, pot and hotel rooms.     

Pastor Manning then stated that Dr. Drew was a tremendous find, because of his close association with Obama and his radical views from his college days. Dr. Drew mentioned to Manning that he "tried to get the word out about Obama's radical views prior to the election, but nobody would listen to him."
You can read the entire summary of the day here.

Testimony was also taken regarding Obama's days at Columbia University--or I should say his absence from Columbia University where he was supposed to be a student.

Dr. Manning also announced that he will introduce into the evidence testimony from a former CIA agent who served simultaneously as a KGB spy.  That information will be present on Monday.

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