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Friday, May 21, 2010

Traitors in Congress Applaud Mexican Enemy of the United States

So the President of Mexico comes to the U.S., blasts our laws on immigration, claims that Arizona's new law which merely makes federal law the state law as well, and every Democrat in Congress stands to applaud, giving him an ovation at the end of his speech to Congress.

This man is an enemy of the United States.  He openly defies our laws.  His own laws on immigration in Mexico are very strict.  Thus, he is a hypocrite to boot.

Democrats in Congress stood to give an ovation to an enemy of the United States and our laws.  That makes EVERY DEMOCRAT IN CONGRESS A TRAITOR.

Arrest every single one of them and place them on trial for treason.  They aid and abet illegal aliens assaulting our border and glorify the very man who supports this invasion.  It is unacceptable and should be stopped immediately.

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