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Thursday, May 20, 2010


If so, then you are hopelessly ignorant.

I stand by the veracity of the information presented in this series of articles, and I trust my sources 100%.

The latest is up now at Conservative Examiner--'Part 7--So you honestly think this government is not stealing your information?'

To me it is incredibly sad--depressing, in fact--that so many refuse to even acknowledge what is happening right before their very eyes.  Instead they had rather nitpick over minor points here and there, and even attack me personally.

Fine. I still stand behind the information presented.  And if you dismiss it outright, or honestly think that sinister forces in this government are not at work to rob you of your liberties, then you are only doing what the Obamanoids are counting on.  They count on your apathy or inability to see the truth to advance their agenda.

To me, that is just simply incredibly sad.  I'm exhausted and quite disheartened.  But so be it.  I will stake my life on the truth no matter what anybody says.  Here I stand.


Rev. Paul said...

Sir: don't give up. Your work is appreciated. The fact that a couple of pseudonymous trolls have decided to make you their favorite author is actually a compliment. If you weren't a threat, they'd ignore you.

Hang in there, my friend.

Welshman said...

Thank-you, my friend.

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting! I really like your blog - keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Patrick Sperry said...

Keep up the good work Anthony. Ever notice how many logical fallacies are used by the drones?