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Friday, May 07, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/7/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest regarding firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Open Carry points to THIS article outlining the growing battle between states over open carry gun laws.

David Codrea reports that the court-ordered release of the members of the Hutari Militia has been blocked due to the 'failure' of memory on the part of an FBI agent.  Sheesh.

Nicki provides a very telling exchange in Congress concerning how they view ordinary Americans vs. their lack of concern about Islamic terrorists.  And, by the way, they wish to use terrorism as an excuse to disarm ordinary citizens. 

Say Uncle has links to today's gun porn.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost presents 'The Day I'll Join the NRA.'  An excellent read.  For me, I have sworn off the organization. I will NO LONGER SUPPORT any entity that endorses for public office individuals who are clearly a threat to the Constitution, in spite of their claimed 'support for the 2nd Amendment.'  ALL DEMOCRATS and MOST REPUBLICANS are guilty as hell.  I won't have it.

Days of our Trailers reports that the ironically anti-gun 'American Hunters and Shooters Association' bit the dust.  Good riddance!

Kurt Hofmann says that if gun control advocates get their way, we'll ALL be suspected terrorists!

Around O-Town points to 'Tales of the Gun.'

Gun Pundit has something you gotta see.  Now THAT is one more dang big gun!

The Ol' Broad posts the political cartoon of the week, and it's a goodie.


Patrick Sperry said...

For the record Anthony; I am a Life member of the NRA, and have been for quite some time. Having said that? I have not donated a dime to them since they got all cozy with Clinton way back when. I raise hell with them at every opportunity. Not to mention, my new friend, your fellow Examiner Anthony Bouchard, has just about as bad an attitude towards the NRA as I do!

My money, what little I can spare, goes to Gun Owners of America, and WYGO!

Welshman said...

I knew you were, Patrick, but I am not. They will never get another single dime of my money as long as they continue the present course.

They endorse people in a vacuum, failing to consider a broad range of issues that may, in the end, actually HURT gun right rather than help, in spite of the persons' supposed 'support for the 2nd Amendment.'

Sorry, but I need MUCH MORE than just that to vote for someone. Kirsten Gillibrand in New York is a glaring example. What a freakin' trainwreck!