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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Private Property--A Defense of Rand Paul

(H/t to Western Rifle Shooters Association).  An excellent defense has been provided to the media/leftwing outrage concerning the statements of Rand Paul on the Civil Rights Act.

Here is an excerpt:
Comes now some dismal little potted-brain able to type this rubbish:
"Last night, on the Rachel Maddow Show (of all places for this to happen), Rand Paul said that he wasn't necessarily comfortable with the government telling private businesses how to deal with race. Specifically, he didn't seem particularly favorable to desegregating lunch counters.

Pretty much everyone is rightfully offended by this sentiment. The question of whether or not it is an overreach of government to desegregate lunch counters is long settled."
How can this be "settled"? Who the hell settled it, and how?

I'm here to tell this creep, Berliner, that if the owner of The Elbow Room had ordered my friend and me to leave his (get it?) establishment that night, we would have had no choice but to obey instantly, because we understand and respect private property, and would never go running to the likes of him for a sanction that he had no right to presume.
Go read the rest at Billy Beck.

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