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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law Identical to Federal Immigration Law

Thousands of Hispanics and Mexicans have been duped by Leftwing politicians and the mainstream media into thinking that Arizona's new law on illegal aliens is designed to track down, harass, and jail people based upon their race.

The fact is that Arizona's new law is nothing more than a duplicate of federal law on illegal aliens.  What was once only a federal crime is now a state crime as well--which is well within the power of the states to implement.

The country is actually very easy on illegal aliens.  In Mexico, people entering the country illegally are treated harshly and thrown into prison.  Yet the Mexican government insists that the U.S. maintain what amounts to an 'open borders' policy.  And the U.S. in practical terms has exactly that, totally ignoring our immigration laws.

State have the authority and right to prosecute an entire litany of federal laws.  Why not immigration as well, given that the federal government has abdicated its responsibility in this matter?

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