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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/27/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest regarding firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Around O'Town has an excellent news story that depicts why 'the Castle Doctrine' and 'Stand Your Ground' laws on self-defense are crucial.

Tam posts some good info on pistol starter kits, particularly in light of chatter concerning Remington's entry into the 1911 pistol market.

Texas Fred provides a must-read on the fact that the new immigration law in Arizona has sparked some movement in Texas on the issue.  Good!  The Feds refuse to do their jobs.  The states must therefore take up the slack.  ALL of the border states should pass these laws and refuse to obey any directive from the courts or Washington.  Force Obama to send the troops to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, and let's see what his already dismal approval rating does THEN!  Americans stand behind enforcing laws against illegal aliens.

The Rustmeister asks the question, 'So why is the .38 special only .357 in diameter?'

Vanderboegh posts updated commentary on that great bastion of truth, honor, and justice--the Southern Poverty Law Center--and its 'enemies list.'  I may as well go ahead and say it, anyone who is an enemy of the SPLC is probably a friend of mine.

David Codrea says that the ATF is ducking responding to freedom of information requests, and he wants to know why.

Western Rifle Shooters Association points to commentary on Chicago's call for Martial law.

John Jacob H reports explosive news on an FBI home invasion plot!  No wonder the Feds want the citizens disarmed!

Days of our Trailers has a quote directly from the ass's mouth--Mayor Daley--about guns in Chicago.

Hofmann weighs in on the Chicago gun issue with 'Does "Gun-Free" Chicago Need the National Guard?'

Mike McCarville posts his always-interesting 'Gadfly on the Wall' column from the great state of Oklahoma.

Say Uncle has some cool gun porn today, part of which is from the Boomershoot.

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