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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McCarville: Oklahoma Tea Party and a New Militia

From Oklahoma Mike McCarville reports that there is talk, even in the state legislature, about a new state militia as suggested by Tea Party activists in Oklahoma.

Follow the story starting here.

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Rwolf said...

The Oklahoma Legislature should not approve a volunteer state militia that would consist mainly of Tea Party members and their affiliations. That could give the appearance Tea Parties had their own military force. It is foreseeable non-Tea Party people and groups might feel threatened by a Tea Party Militia and form their own militias—legal or otherwise. A Tea Party forming a special militia could cause a public relations disaster should voters question why the TEA Party agenda includes influence over a military force within a State government (Oklahoma.) It should be foreseeable to Tea Parties at large that subsequent voter concerns about the Tea Party forming a militia(s) could drive off voters that Tea parties are trying to attract. The Tea Party, like every other political organization in America, should keep its political interests separate from government military functions.