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Friday, April 16, 2010

Breaking...New Revelations on Polish Air Disaster Heighten Suspicions

Late-breaking developments on the Polish air disaster indicate that foul play is a distinct possibility and that the official version of events may need to be disregarded.

Conservative Examiner reports.

At issue is the official preliminary report of an international intelligence agency that monitors threats to nations and free people.  The report is a major eye-opener.


NOMAD said...

uh, bizarrely I only read such assertations on camerican conservatives blogs,is there any reason to maintain conspiracies ?

Now, back to the event, why would Russia have wanted to eliminate Kaczynsky 6 months before he would have been eliminated by Polish voters in the next presidential elections? all the political journalist hold for sure that Tusk will win them before the crash !

now, knowing that,I revert your argument, who also had interest that Kaczynski died at this precise moment ? hmm, I can see that CIA guis would : because the fact that Kaczynski violently disappeared, his death transformed him in a national hero, wheras he was previously mocked as a retrograde leader, thus this new regain of popularity for the Kaczinsky brothers and their far-rightist party might be an opportunity for pushing the left twin brother to win the next elections...

There more conspiracies, the EU group, the Banksters, the Jewish retaliation (yes, some advance this argument too, Kaczinski's party is known as antisemit)

so better leave the aerian specialists to investigate, most of the professional pilots on a world scale see a pilot error, and that is also what the black boxes are saying !

Welshman said...

Did you read the analysis of the International Intelligence and Global Reports organization? They have a perfect rationale for Russia to sabotage the plane...along with eyewitness accounts that contradict everything Russia is saying about the crash.

NOMAD said...

I have read all the possible things on this crash, as I couldn't swallow the conspiracies that were so evident for some people

NOMAD said...

are you talking of this article ?

Poland the polemics

because if you have a look at this pic


you'll see what the Georgian President said isn't evident,

from the polish TV a scenario of the plane trajectory:

trajectory scenario

why the pilot talk (not a broken) russian and not used english

a precise description of the aera


and on this french site you get the technical precisions

click on the links, they are in english

so wether it's a organized assassination, or a accident, looks more like it was an accident

Welshman said...

NOMAD, your conclusions are suspect, given you had already made up your mind before you read these reports, i.e., your comment above early-on.

There is more intel on this story which I cannot discuss at this time, but you can rest assured I will when I can.

NOMAD said...

"your conclusions are suspect, given you had already made up your mind before you read these reports"

suspect, for whom ?

my irst comment wasn't an impression, I had already read the links I provided you later, but I understand that some persons prefer to think it was a Putin coup.

Can't see what he would have won, if it was the truth !

it is just that the polish pilot had no luck !

anywayway, if your further proofs are of the same acabit as of the link of "global intelligene" one, then I fear the worst !

Welshman said...

So in other words you formed your opinion based upon info that was provided early-on by whom? Russia?

Sorry, pal, no more of your propaganda here. This is MY blog, and you don't get to tell me where to get my information.

Get lost.