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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Billy Beck: Clinton is a 'Lying Bastard'

Billy Beck has read the riot act to ex-President Billy Bob Clinton, who in one swoop smeared gunowners, Tea Party activists, and Oath Keepers as Timothy McVeigh types.

Here is an excerpt to spark your interest, but be sure to read the whole thing: 

I have made up my mind that I would be no more interested in hearing his apology than I am offended by his presumption. It is simply a matter of note that The Lying Bastard of The Ozark Long March knows nothing of which he speaks, amid his insinuations that I advocate violence in this poor country's current straits.

Here is a word for that despicable person: I am "a Southerner", too, you strutting ignoramus. I was born in Little Rock, and my mother graduated Central High School six years before Eisenhower finally saw fit to roll out the National Guard. Don't even try to hand me your threadbare sanctimony about "paying" for the Civil War. For many reasons which I will not attempt to relate to you, I am quite beyond your ex cathedra pose in the matter. You have nothing to say to me. Sit down and shut your insipid mouth.

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