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Thursday, April 15, 2010

ALERT! Housing Foreclosures/Repossessions Skyrocket in First Quarter of 2010

How can there be anything remotely resembling an 'economic recovery' when the news today, as reported on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, and others point to a sharp rise in housing foreclosures from January to March of THIS YEAR?

According to RealtyTrac foreclosures are up a whopping 16% over the same quarter last year, at a time when the Obama Administration claims we have 'turned the corner.'  Bank repossessions are up 35% over the same quarter last year.

In the skewed world view of Obama and the Democrat Congress, 'turning the corner' must mean forcing thousands more Americans out of their homes, making this 'the worst quarter on record for repossessions'

Do you understand yet?  THERE 'AIN'T' NO DAMN RECOVERY!

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