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Friday, February 22, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/22/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

We hear so much about how that numbskull Commie, Fidel Castro, was such a good guy because he 'improved healthcare' with his socialistic program. Well, The Volokh Conspiracy gives us the MUST-read of the day on Castro's real impact on healthcare once one understands the repressive/oppressive regime he controlled:

It seems Osama-'Bama wants California gun laws to be the model for the entire nation. Gun Law News tells us all about it (we are living in dangerous times, folks):

Gun Law News also issues an important alert for Northern Virginia. On Feb. 28th the gun grabbers are having a forum to decry gun violence, denounce the Virginia Tech incident, and call for more gun control:

Michelle Malkin reports on today's vital political news, and includes some disturbing information on the positions of both Hillary and Osama 'Bama:

Malkin also reports on what the newspapers refused to report, namely, that the latest school bus tragedy in Minnesota was caused by an illegal alien behind the wheel of a van:

Tam has some excellent remarks about Commies here:

Read Squeaky's new post all the way to the end. She has some inspiring words that depict what many of us feel. The jackbooted government thugs will get our guns 'only over our dead bodies':

WTF!!!??? That's all I have to say about some of the NRA's latest forays into politics and 'pseudo-endorsements.' The War on Guns has the story here:

Nicki has some choice words for that a**wipe Paul Helmke over his latest remarks that there are not enough of the 'mentally ill' on the registries that forbid persons from purchasing guns:

Sebastian points out the blind devotion of the Osama 'Bama bandwagon, and folks, this is getting frightening:

Acting ATF director Michael Sullivan is showing his true colors, and Red's has the story:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel say that Osama 'Bama's empty rhetoric is so boring that even their beautiful dog, Bear, is bored (and they have the pic to prove it! lol):

Armed and Safe NAILS it with this excellent post on databases that contain the names of 'the mentally ill' in order to prevent them from buying firearms:

Alphecca comments on the New York Times' smear campaign against John McCain. And I agree. They want a Demo elected, and now that Hillary is faltering, that person is Osama 'Bama:

JR blogs about concealed carry and college students:

Roberta X has some food for thought that you may not agree with, but it is well worth the time to read and consider, and I share most of the sentiments, yet still wonder about the general election....I do think McCain is a much better choice than Osama 'Bama or the Hildabeast:

Mike McCarville notes that the Hildabeast's attacks on Osama 'Bama during tonight's Demo debate fell flat:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/21/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Arianna Huffington has had it coming...for a LONG time. And Tam, it seems, was just the one to do it. Read her rebuff of Huffington's delusional political cogitations:

The War on Guns blogs about the controversy surrounding the fact that the Constitution does not 'grant' rights:

Nicki reminds us of the racial roots of gun control and asks why African Americans seems so willing to be sold back into slavery on this issue:

Red's Trading Post has one heck of a deal on an S & W 686 357 Mag #30 Race Gun:

Great news from West Virginia, reported by Of Arms and the Law:

Front Sight, Press has more news on ammo encoding:

Born Again Redneck blows the whistle on Osama 'Bama (Barack Hussein Obama) and his possible connections to Commies. Could he be a 'red diaper baby'?:

JR has a great post from an NRA director concerning 'how high does the body count have to go?':

Folks, this is getting way too frightening. If the election were held today, not only would Osama 'Bama beat Hillary for the nomination of the Demos but he would also beat John McCain. Welcome to Commie-land. Mike McCarville has the story:

Robb Allen is interested in moving to Montana after he read the brief filed in D.C. vs. Heller by the state's Secretary of State:

This is totally off-topic, but take a look at Squeaky's new hair-do. It's very pretty. Go take a look. Isn't she pretty!:

Remember how those scumbag terrorists used box cutters to kill people on the airlines on 9/11? Well, our illustrious homeland security department totally screwed up this one. The box cutter was hidden in a BOOK! And the perpetrator got a very light sentence. Michelle Malkin has this alarming story:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/20/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville gives the wrap-up of the Wisconsin primary, where Obama beat Hillary and McCain beat Huckabee:

A Keyboard and a .45 has a good summary of the upcoming Texas primaries from one who lives in Texas:

All American Blogger has essential reading entitled, 'Illegal Immigration and National Security--It Is Worse Than You Know':

Of Arms and the Law has Hillary Clinton's undergraduate paper on Saul Alinsky, whom she considered a great role model and who promoted the concept of radical social and political change:

Alphecca points to the very last word on 'gun free zones,' and you must take a look!:

Armed and Safe has a very interesting and informative read on the state of our rights in Illinois:

Blogonomicon has this to say about that thoroughly wicked Commie-dictator Fidel Castro's farewell (and yes, I have nothing but contempt for Cuban Commies...I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis all too well):

According to Born Again Redneck, Obamaniacs have a dream, alright:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel blog on the 'muzzle blast' while target shooting:

Glad to see Robb Allen comment on the new microstamping bill in Congress, and he nails it, too:

Sebastian reports that Hillary Clinton wants a 'gun summit' if she is elected President. Well, hot damn! Just wait till you click on the links Sebastian provides. Then you will see what such a 'summit' would look like:

Squeaky gets political again. I like it. Go read it!:

The Bitch Girls have the latest from the NRA Board of Directors' meeting:

Breda has provided a valuable service to us all...the original soundtrack to 'Pants Shittin' Hysterics':

Nicki has another good one entitled, 'Just One More Law':

Utterly disheartening. So, you think there is no slippery slope in closing the so-called 'mental illness' loophole pertaining to gun rights? Well, now it seems doctors are going to be required to report to the government anyone who has ever even exhibited symptoms of suicide (meaning severe depression), violent behavior, or 'threatening behavior,' whatever the hell that is. This is in addition to those who have been 'institutionalized!' So, now we have gone from those who have been in mental hospitals to those who merely exhibit the symptoms. Read it all here:

Traction Control reports that someone let the cat out of the bag on the hoax of global warming. Actually, they knew global cooling was coming, and they wanted to restrict economic activity (of the free market nature) before the cooling got here (thus proving what I have always maintained...the movement is political and not scientific):

Michelle Malkin comments on the major gaffe made by Mrs. Obama, during which she said she had never in her life been proud to be an American until now:

The Volokh Conspiracy reports that the major work entitled, 'The Human Right of Self-Defense' has now been published and is available:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More On the Ward Sentencing

In a Laurens County courtroom today, former Bell Street Middle School teacher Allenna Williams Ward received 6 years in prison for two counts of second-degree criminal sexual misconduct with a minor, and three counts of performing lewd acts on a minor.

Originally Ward had been charged with crimes that could have carried a life-sentence. The charges were reduced in a plea bargain arrangement where Ward agreed to waive her right to a jury trial and have her case determined by a Judge.

Ward's defense team presented a psychologist who testified that Ward suffers from two serious psychiatric disorders--dependent personality disorder and a sexual disorder.

The defendant once again apologized to the young men, their families, and the community.

Her sentence seemed very light to some of those gathered outside the courthouse. When Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace was questoned about the sentence and the charge of racism (Ward is white and her victims are black), Peace quickly stated that the Judge in the case is black--Judge Casey Manning.

Peace also stated that in these types of cases that are pleaded out, a sentence of 3 to 8 years is normal and 6 falls within the normal range.

Ms. Ward will have to serve 85% of her sentence before she is eligible for parole, and she will be housed in a maximum security prison due to the nature of her crimes.

Allenna Williams Ward Gets 6 Years of Prison

The former Clinton South Carolina teacher was sentenced to six years of prison for sexual misconduct with teenage students. More details later...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/18/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Eugene Volokh has the good news and the bad news on the Second Amendment. The good news is that a Chicago scholar on Constitutional law is supporting the 'individual rights' point of view. The bad news is Barack Obama's true feelings about that very issue:

John Lott has posted links to some very interesting discussions on eliminating gun free zones on college campuses:

Lott also posted a helpful map of the various laws on carry among the various states in the U.S.:

Mike McCarville discusses Senator Tom Coburn's answer to a question about being McCain's choice for Vice President:

Born Again Redneck says that Michael Reagan, son of the former President, maintains that his father would support McCain. That is without doubt. Reagan was a major leader and candidate within the Party:

David Hardy points to this post that nails it concerning 'mass killings':

David Codrea has this MUST-read on 'home-grown terrorists,' which increasingly is a tag used to identify gun owners:

You have GOT to see this from Nicki over at The Liberty Zone on waterboarding, torture, and beheadings:

The Bitch Girls comment on a letter to the editor that shows in stark simplicity the ultimate intent of the gun-grabbers:

Sebastian comments on the media spin of concealed carry reform:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Latest from the Trail

News reports from Texas indicate that Barack Obama has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls leading up to the state's Democratic primary on March 4.

One major Democratic 'super-delegate' stated on condition of anonymity that unless Clinton wins both Texas and Ohio on March 4 by a wide margin, her campaign is finished.

It is beginning to appear very unlikely that Clinton will win both states. Her best shot appears to be Ohio, but she may end up losing there as well.

Wisconsin's Democratic primary is this coming Tuesday, Feb. 19. This has been a very close race, but most pundits believe Obama will win the state.

It is very interesting that rather than stay in Wisconsin through Tuesday to watch as the vote comes in, Clinton is leaving the state on Monday, a day early.

On the Republican side, John McCain has begun to shore up his support among the GOP faithful and at least one former rival, Mitt Romney. Romney endorsed McCain during the week and encouraged his delegates to vote for McCain at the convention.

Former President George H.W. Bush also endorsed McCain.

But conservatives are still wary. McCain's speech before CPAC did not go quite far enough to satisfy most conservatives who form the base of the GOP.

As I have stated before, McCain is going to have to work hard for my vote. My vote does not come cheap, and I vote on the issues. I set the bar very high. I am still waiting to see what McCain does on McCain-Feingold, unfettered individual gun rights for all citizens, and illegal aliens.

McCain needs to repudiate McCain-Feingold has a big mistake. He also needs to make clear that his 'support for the Second Amendment' means individual rights for all citizens and that self-defense is an unalienable right. And he needs to make clear that illegal aliens get NO BREAKS for breaking the law. They must get in line behind everyone else coming here legally.

He has yet to be specific about any of these issues. Therefore, I am withholding my support and my vote until I hear something more than generalities that even Hillary and Osama-'Bama spout.