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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Allenna Williams Ward Sentencing

The word is that former middle school teacher Allenna Williams Ward will be sentenced on Feb. 19 for criminal sexual misconduct with underaged teenage boys.

Ward is a former language arts teacher at the Bell Street Middle School in Clinton, South Carolina. Her story hit the news last year when it was revealed that Ward had been charged with having sexual contact with 5 boys between the ages of 14 and 15, some of whom were her students.

In the ensuing months Ward maintained her innocence as many charges and counter-charges were hurled between various parties involved in the case.

Then, the shocker came when Ward pleaded guilty in a plea bargain arrangement and tearfully confessed to the crimes. She waived a jury trial as part of the plea bargain and threw herself on the mercy of the Judge in the case.

After months of basically no information being provided to the news media, word came that Ward would be sentenced on Feb. 19 at the Laurens County Courthouse, although this information has not been confirmed by the Circuit Solicitor's office.

Controvery continues to swirl around this case, however, as many still do not believe that Ward is guilty but rather believe that she confessed under duress to avoid a possible conviction that could potentially land her in prison for the rest of her life.

One such person, who shall remain anonymous, sent the following letter to The Liberty Sphere concerning this case. We will publish the letter, leaving it to the reader to determine whether or not the claims contained therein merit thorough consideration.

"I have just finished reading the comments in both blogs RACIAL OVERTONES PLAGUE ALLENNA WARD CASE and ALLENNA WILLIAMS WARD SAYS ‘NOT GUILTY’

"I also watched the news video of her tearful apology for what she had done.

"That said; I still do not believe Ms. Ward is guilty of sexual misconduct with those teenagers. It is perhaps easy for someone to say they would never take a “plea bargain” if innocent as one of the folks stated. But in light of the apparent racial angle, the reaction of the neighborhood, the sad tendency of presuming guilty until proven innocent, the strains of “house arrest”, being cut off from society as normal, fear of spending perhaps years incarcerated with hardened felons – that may cause one to change their mind. This young woman’s life is ruined already – guilty or innocent – because of the accusations. Even if found innocent in a court of law she would not be able to teach again, she would be considered guilty in the eyes of many despite being found innocent. Maybe a plea bargain would offer continued house arrest for a shorter period of time. How can anyone avow they would never admit guilt when innocent unless they were in the situation themselves? Did you HEAR that young woman’s apology in court on that video? It was a prepared statement READ through her tears. She is no more guilty than I am – and I know I’m not – maybe she is taking the “best” alternative in an attempt to avoid prison time and prolonged strain and heartache for her family. She sounded like someone admitting guilt in an attempt to accept the lesser of two evils, to get it over with.

"If she is guilty, and I stand by my belief she isn’t, she needs guidance and counseling as well as the boys. With the right counseling these boys can overcome and move beyond this if they were indeed victims.

"If she is innocent she has been tainted for life either way – by accepting a plea bargain or being found innocent by the court. I cannot comprehend that many teenage boys keeping something like that a “secret”, this is a sad, sad situation. And the boys….if they ruined an innocent woman’s life will they be punished or learn anything from it?"

What say you? Do you believe at this point in the process that Ward is truly guilty or did she confess to crimes she did not commit in order to avoid a life-sentence?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/15/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

In this post (read it all the way to the end), Sebastian explains why opposing the microstamping bill in Congress is so crucial to firearms rights. The NRA is behind blocking this Ted Kennedy legislation as well:

Gun Law News has more on the federal microstamping bill in Congress:

Here we go again. Gunman kills 5 on a college campus in Illinois. The Brady Gang and Carolyn McCarthy couldn't BUY better publicity and public relations than this. But remember, the killings occurred in yet another GUN FREE ZONE:

The secret is now out. The Feds have released the sealed information. Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids. His homerun record should be revoked, he should be permanently banned from baseball, and he should never be allowed in the Hall of Fame to share the spotlight with gentlemen such as Hank Aaron, Cal Ripkin, and Lou Gehrig:

Squeaky has an excellent post on why she's been silent on politics of late, but she nails it with this one!:

Nicki has her own personalized poster now...with her firearm. Yep, that's my kind of woman:

JR has some good news out of Texas. The state ban on sex toys has been overturned. That reminds me, we have a state Senator here who takes an inordinant amount of time condemning sex toys and proposing bans on them--you know, things that government has no business concerning itself with:

Blogstitution has his 3rd installment on Baudrillard’s “AMERICA”:

The world's most beautiful blond, Blonde Sagacity, reminds us that not only does Barack Obama dishonor his nation's flag, but he has pictures of the infamous Communist militant, Che Guavara, in his campaign offices:

Red's says that Senator Vitter will keep a hold on the confirmation of Sullivan as head of the ATF:

Say Uncle has the scoop on Bloomberg's membership in the NRA and who signed him up:

The MUST-read of the day is by my favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, entitled, 'They're Coming After You':

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Federal Microstamping is Upon Us

The wolves are knocking at the door once again as a bill has been introduced in Congress to mandate nationwide microstamping. Senator Ted Kennedy, one of the most ardent gun-grabbers in Congress, is a co-sponsor of the bill.

It wasn't long ago that gun rights activists were up in arms concerning such a bill that was passed by the California legislature. Howls are protests were heard from every sector of the country, and countless bloggers urged us to contract Governor Arnold Schwartzenneger to encourage him to veto the legislation.

None of it worked, and microstamping become law in California.

And now the U.S. Congress seems to be bent on passing a similar bill that will apply to the entire country in the name of 'catching criminals who use firearms.'

Most of us know in our heart of hearts, however, that this is just another attempt at infringing on a right that the Constitution says 'shall not be infringed,' not to mention yet another burden that is forced on gun owners, gun dealers, and gun manufacturers.

And we all know where this is coming from--the Brady Gang and the Left, represented by the likes of Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Rangel, McCarthy, and Dingel.

Each and every time we 'compromise' with this gang of thugs, we only get our butts kicked more violently. There is no compromise with them. Compromise only means that they are given impetus to come back with more anti-freedom and restrictive legislation that flies in the face of every liberty protected by the Constitution.

I may be a lone voice about this issue, for I haven't seen one single gun-rights blogger sound the alarm about this bill. But I am going to scream bloody murder about it until somebody pays attention.

This is a dangerous piece of tyranny that is being foisted on the public by the U.S. Congress, and it is time for us to contact our Senators and Representatives in the Congress to protest this bill.

And the time to act is NOW!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For those who may not yet be convinced of the 'slippery slope' theory of the gradual removal of rights, here is something for you to put in your pipe and smoke. A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress, co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy, to make the California gun microstamping law effective in ALL FIFTY STATES.

My friends, this is what we are facing on a much broader scale in November of 2008, particularly if Obama or Hillary get elected along with a Democratic Congress.

If these purveyors of tyranny and anti-freedom have the gall to do this now, just wait until November.

Read the whole stinking piece of shit here:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/13/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea has the MUST-read of the day, and get ready for some intense soul-searching:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone has an eye-opener on who is supporting Heller and who is opposing:

Sebastian at Snow Flakes in Hell has done some digging on what Obama wants to do to the country, and asks the question, do you still think this man is just as good as McCain?"

Say Uncle notes that the GOP tent is getting smaller:

Red's says that gun manufacturers are taking note of Idaho's invitation to relocate there in light of the restrictions of other states:

Traction Control blogs on the Barrett 50--a perfect gift for Valentine's Day:

The Volokh Conspiracy has the audio/video on the various amicus briefs filed in D.C. vs. Heller....also check out the website for a full report on the all of the briefs filed thus far:

Gun Owners of America has filed its brief in support of Heller:

Michelle Malkin reports that once again conservative talk radio is under attack. My friends, this is the age of suppression of free speech. Sieg Heil!:

Flash!! Mike McCarville is reporting that Bill Clinton's former campaign manager is set to endorse Barack Obama!:

JR provides a complete description and analysis of the Wilson Combat Elite Tactical Magazine:

All American Blogger reports that newspapers in Denmark reprinted all of the anti-Muhammad cartoons today, cartoons that invited the violence of Islamic extremists. Many in America are standing in solidarity with the Denmark papers to show the world that we who value freedom have no intention of giving in to the demands of anti-freedom:

Dustin's Gun Blog has the disturbing news that Arizona has tried to ban ammunition:

McCain, Obama Sweep Potomac Primaries

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama swept Tuesday's 'Potomac Primaries,' winning their Parties' support in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Obama's victories yesterday place him solidly in the lead in the delegate count, surpassing Hillary Clinton 1210 to 1188 delegates. It takes 2025 to win the Democratic nomination.

McCain's victory places him just over 200 delegates away from winning the Republican nomination.

The Liberty Sphere's political analysis concludes that Barack Obama has a solid shot at an upset in taking the nomination away from Hillary Clinton, the presumed nominee. With momentum on his side, large crowds clammering to hear him speak, and 8 straight primary wins to his credit, Obama could well win one of the 'biggies' on March 5--Texas or Ohio.

A win of just one of those states would send the Clinton campaign into a tailspin if not a full implosion.

The GOP has assumed all along that Hillary would be the Democratic nominee. The Party had better be prepared for an Obama upset. And preparing for such a scenario is not really that hard to do from a political perspective.

True, the candidate is attractive, speaks well, present himself well, and evokes strong emotion from his audience. But his record is his downfall with the American mainstream.

For example, Obama is on record as supporting a nation-wide handgun ban.

And this is just for starters. He also voted as an Illinois legislator to withhold medical treatment from babies who had survived botched abortion attempts--one of the most disgusting and near-criminal positions a politician could take on any issue.

Once the public sees the Obama record for what it really is, it will be an entirely new ballgame.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton Campaign Writes Off Today's Primaries

Without verbally conceding today's Democratic primaries to Barack Obama, top aides within the Clinton campaign have all but written off Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia as losses.

In addition, Obama is picking up steam to win the rest of the contests scheduled for February, including Hawaii and Wisconsin.

Clinton advisors privately admit that the candidate could go limping into the month of March after losing 9 primaries in a row. The Clinton staffers fear that with such mounting losses the election may be slipping away and that Obama would have the momentum going into the big March 4 contests, which include Texas and Ohio.

One of the Democratic superdelegates put it bluntly, 'She has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she's out.'

This is the first time since the campaign began that Clinton insiders have spoken seriously about the possibility that the candidate may be forced to withdraw from the race.

The report on the state of the Clinton campaign and the losses looming on the horizon during the remainder of February can be found in today's New York Times, according to Matt Drudge.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/11/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The Volokh Conspiracy has issued a primer on a series of briefs filed in D.C. vs. Heller before the U.S. Supreme Court. I will list links to them all, which were posted yesterday and today:

Law Enforcement Brief:

The 'Failed State' Brief:

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Brief:

The Nelson Lund Brief:

The Buckeye Firearms Association has an important article on the unarmed homeowner vs. armed home invaders--at the mercy of animals:

Gun Law News says that there were 19 briefs filed in support of D.C. There are already 23 briefs filed in support of Heller, and that number is growing. Take a look:

Interesting. Of Arms and the Law has an example of hypocrisy within the gun control movement, and it is a high profile example!:

Well well well. Red's reports that Richard Durban, one of the most rabid anti-gun bigots in Congress, is supporting Sullivan as head of the BAFTE (Bush and Durban in tandem):

Say Uncle submits the dumbest bit of anti-gun reporting he's ever heard:

Robb Allen has an interesting read today concerning 'reasoned discourse':

Wow. Take a look at this beaute. Sabastian has a pic of the firearm he gave to Bitter Bitch for her birthday. Hey, bub, if this doesn't seal the deal with her, I'd marry you myself just get that gun! (j/k):

Bitter has another pic of that lovely birthday firearm:

Nicki blogs about the latest shooting in a 'gun-free zone':

David Codrea has some highly disturbing information on an outfit called 'The Infragard'--a group of 23,000 reps of private industry who are working with the FBI and the Dept. of Homeland Security, who have orders to 'shoot to kill' in the event that martial law is declared in the U.S.:

In case you haven't already seen it, Traction Control has Part II of his litmus test for the single-issue voter:

Tam blogs on the latest antics of the world's favorite monster down in Venezuela:

OK, folks, now I am hopping mad. How much longer do we have to endure Bush???? He has just proposed a 1.4 billion dollar aid package for Mexico to secure its southern border with Central America! DAMN! The betrayer won't even secure OUR OWN southern border! I used to love George W. Bush back in 2001-2005. Now he is anathama:

Michelle Malkin also has an update on the douchbag Mayor of Toledo, Ohio who threw out the Marines. It seems the members of the City Council aren't too pleased:

John Lott says that there is an interesting rumor afloat which contends that Mike Huckabee will drop out of the Presidential race to run for the U.S. Senate from Arkansas:

Mike McCarville has a thorough examination of Hillary Clinton's curious campaign loan. Read it all:

JR writes about his day at the range on Sunday:

All American Blogger has some interesting satire on John McCain and Hillary Clinton:

Alphecca reams the douchbags who write for the Daily Herald of Illinois on their revisionist history:

Armed and Safe has the question of the day for the McCain campaign (and it will in all likelihood remain unanswered):

Being a part of the 'brotherhood of the briar,' I am always interested in Blogonomicon's take on various pipes and tobaccos. Here is a post for those of you who are interested in pipe smoking:

Born Again Redneck has some advice for those of us who are anti-McCain. It's ok...I can take my medicine, but I never stopped reading Redneck's blog just because he endorsed McCain when Thompson dropped out. We all have our reasons for the positions we take:

OK, I just had to do it. This has nothing to do with guns or politics. Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have one of the most beautiful dogs on earth, and, being a dog man myself, I just had to share this pic with you....just look at that face and those eyes:

Obama Gains Delegates, Hillary Shakes Up Staff

Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama won four state primaries in a row over the weekend, placing him in the lead in the delegate count for the Democratic nomination.

Obama picked up wins in Washington state, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Maine. He is also expected to win most of the primaries on Tuesday of this week, which will take place in Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Virginia.

As expected, the scenario of an Obama sweep this weekend and a potential sweep on Tuesday has placed the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign in damage control mode.

The New York Senator embarked on a major campaign shakeup over the weekend, resulting in her longtime campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, stepping down. Her replacement is longtime Clinton aide Maggie Williams.

With Obama poised to potentially win 9 primaries in a row, the Clinton campaign is desperately seeking a way to stop her mounting losses which, if they continue, will result in an Obama avalanche that cannot be thwarted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/10/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The MUST-read of the day is this editorial in Invester's Business Daily on the growing number of scientists who are worried about climate change, not about global warming but about global cooling, based upon their observations of the sun. It seems that normal sunspot activity has been unusually quiet, which usually correlates to a decade of cooling on earth:

AOL News is reporting that Barack Obama won every state Democratic primary held on Saturday, and by a large margin over Hillary:

Of Arms and the Law reports that the D.C. vs. Heller case has been all over the news lately in light of the U.S. Congress filing a brief in support of Heller...which Vice-President Dick Cheney also signed, in opposition to the Administration's official position in support of D.C.:

Armed and Safe also comments on the case, noting that there is overwhelming support in the Congress for the Supreme Court to uphold the lower court's overturning of the D.C. gun ban:

A controversy over gun laws in South Carolina brought out protesters and counter-protesters recently at the state Capital:

Dustin's Gun Blog has an excellent post in the form of an allegory on illegal aliens entitled, 'The Bird Feeder':

Bravo for the ladies! The Volokh Conspiracy reports that a brief has been filed in D.C. vs. Heller on behalf of over 100 female legislators and academics who support the overturning of the D.C. gun ban due to women's issues, such as SAFETY and SELF-DEFENSE:

That settles it. All American Blogger has ample proof that something is causing Americans in large numbers to go freakin' nuts. Now it is Toledo, Ohio that wants the Marines kicked out of town:

Red's Trading Post says that World Net Daily has picked up the story on the ATF official who left her gun in a bathroom:

Traction Control has a litmus test for the single-issue voter:

Tam has the quote of the day over at A View from the Porch:

Our favorite intellectual, Dr. Walter Williams, lays it on the line about the silly talk of the politicians concerning the issue of 'change.' In fact, he says they are stupid, and I agree: