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Monday, December 01, 2008

Google Admits Suppressing Free Speech

In a startling revelation, Google has admitted to its own form of 'censorship'--the suppression of free speech on the Internet.

The New York Times--not exactly a bastion of right-wing 'nutcases'--reported that Google has engaged in massive manipulation of information and quotes Google's own Nicole Wong as proof.

Wong has been given broad powers within Google to monitor its search engine, its service for blogs entitled 'Blogger,' and YouTube (owned by Google) in order to determined which user-generated controversial material stays up and which is taken down.

Thus, Wong and her colleagues in the monitoring division of Google have more power and control over what information is allowed on the Internet than any other group of persons in the world.

And, as expected, when political ideology gets into the mix, decisions are made that suppress the free dissemination of information, such as with Michelle Malkin's short YouTube production on extremist Islam.

Malkin's video was banned by YouTube for supposed 'offensive' content, yet Google allowed graphic Jihadist videos to remain on the Internet.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand nor accept as the truth the fact that Google singled out Atlas Shrugs for content suppression. This is precisely the type of thing Google does, and it has openly admitted doing it.

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