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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Village Idiots

Washington, DC (TLS) Hillary Rodham Clinton claims it takes a village, not the parents, to raise a child. Using her theme, I would say it takes the Capitol Hill village--the village idiots--to make a mockery of all that the Founders envisioned when they launched this glorious experiment in human liberty. What the Democrats on the Hill fail to realize is that with each and every initiative that flies in the face of the principles our forefathers stood for, they are proclaiming to the world that the concept of human liberty was a failure after all.

Each time a bill is introduced that whittles away just a bit more of our freedoms, they are announcing that the Founders' ideals were simply the dreams of men growing older and nothing more. As one person wrote to me recently, 'Why do you put so much stock into what a bunch of white guys said over 200 years ago?'

Well, my friend, were it not for what that bunch of white guys did over 200 years ago, you would not be able to even ask that question without facing execution.

And this is precisely the Democrats' dilemma. Everything we have in this nation today came as a result of men who were willing to put their very lives on the line to blaze a trail of liberty. True, they were men of their era. They were shortsighted when it came to certain specific issues. Yet their principles are the very ones that later led to freedom being expanded to include women and minorities. Yet in order for liberals to continue to gain the support of persons who neither care for nor respect the principles of the Founders, they are caught in a catch-22. They must support measures that limit liberty to continue to get elected, or they acknowledge that because of the Founders' vision we have a free country, and therefore risk losing the support of persons who are ashamed of our heritage and wish for this nation to be a socialist nation.

But let's not kid ourselves here. Some of the very ones sitting in Congress have the very same goals as the U.S. Communist Party, the socialists, and the terrorists, i.e., they wish for the country to become something it is not and never has been. They want a 'brave new world' where capitalism, free markets, and the ability to choose our own destiny are viewed with disdain. They want a nation controlled by big government.

Pray tell, how is this any different than the terrorists? The only difference is that the terrorists want a Muslim totalitarian state...but a totalitarian state nonetheless. When one looks at the votes cast by village idiots such as Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Barney Frank, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, John Conyers, Bill Nelson, Patrick Leahy, Chris Dodd, and about two hundred others, a frightening scenario becomes clear. Consistently they vote for more government power and less freedom of the individual--that is, except for those who are in their favor who can benefit from the elitist mindset, such as Nancy Pelosi exempting Starkist Tuna from the new minimum wage bill because the owner of Starkist, Del Monte, is located in Pelosi's district.

Barney Frank, star village idiot, pounded the gavel on Republicans who objected to the Pelosi scam, refusing to allow them to speak. So much for 'free, open, honest' government.

The country may not be able to withstand two more years of the reign of the village idiots. Our only hope is the Presidential veto and the filibuster.

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