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Saturday, December 16, 2006

NCAA Charges Steve Spurrier's WIFE in Rules Violations!

Well, my fellow college football fans, the NCAA has given us yet another reason to believe that its rules emanate from either the Twilight Zone or some long-forgotten loony bin in the old USSR. South Carolina Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier's WIFE has been charged with rules violations by the NCAA.

Her crime? Sending Christmas cards to the recent recruits that have signed with South Carolina.

Get out the handcuffs, boys, this hardened Ma Barker should be sent up the river to the big house!

If there were ever any doubt that the NCAA is an organization raging out of control, those doubts are now dispelled. For years coaches, boosters, college presidents, sports commentators, and even attorneys have warned that the NCAA is a ticking time-bomb just waiting to implode, taking many honorable college sports programs with it. The NCAA Gestapo has even gone after individual citizens for exercising their free speech in merely criticizing the organization.

Just ask Montgomery, Alabama attorney Tommy Gallion about the infamous NCAA's dubious reputation for operating as a pseudo-KGB. Gallion has been investigating the organization for over 20 years, and recently represented the University of Alabama in a flap over the NCAA's sanctions against the school, coming close to discontinuing the school's famed football program. Gallion maintained that the NCAA does not fairly apply its rules across the board but exhibits an alarming partiality in doling out its 'justice.'

In the South Carolina case, made public today, the NCAA charged Mrs. Spurrier for rules violations in doing what the Coach says she has done for many years--sending Christmas greetings to new players.

What makes this action even more incredible is that Steve Spurrier has always been a stickler for adhering to NCAA rules. The venerable Coach has a long history of tolerating no rules violations on the part of his staff. This is not to say that Spurrier agrees with all of these rules but that he has never wanted his reputation tarnished by any hint of scandal.

When asked about the charges brought against his wife, Spurrier stated that she has made it a practice of doing this for several years, and that 'I guess now that's against the rules.' The implication of this statement is that apparently neither the Coach nor his wife were even aware that such an innocuous act could be construed in any way as a rules violation.

That is a dangerous assumption to make when dealing with the NCAA.

Let me get down to the nitty gritty here. This rule stinks. It is stupid and petty. And stupid and petty men do stupid and petty things.

If I were Mrs. Spurrier, I would hire a lawyer and sue the NCAA. Sooner or later this rogue organization needs to be stopped. Now is as good a time as any.

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