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Thursday, December 14, 2006

More on Barack Obama

Several days ago I wrote an article about the similarities between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter's rise to prominence in the mid-70s. The only difference, in essence, is the bigger than life star quality with which Obama has been tagged. The Obama phenomenon is largely a creation of the mainstream media that loves a person who has 'star quality.' We can fully expect Hollywood to eventually jump on the Obama bandwagon.

Americans, as it turns out, are increasingly wary. In November the candidate garnered the support of 19% of Democrats. In early December that number was down to 15%. The latest poll shows only 12% of Democrats supporting the inexperienced Senator.

Apparently Americans have matured somewhat since the 1970s when they eagerly jumped on the Jimmy Carter bandwagon in the aftermath of Watergate. Contemplating the utter trainwreck of the Carter Presidency may be the thing that is fueling the growing uneasiness among some within the Democrat party.

Obama has of yet to appear on major news talk shows to face the tough questions. Of course the exception is the 3 major networks, which have consistently failed to press the candidate on ANY issue. The result is the unexpected general impression that Obama is all fluff and no substance.

Now let's look a bit deeper.

Obama does have a record on the issues, albeit scant. Yet on those issues on which he has voted, it is interesting that he is straight liberal all the way. One by one his votes portray a leftist partisan who votes straight down the line on issues that the Left perceives as vital.

Remember that Obama was a four-term state legislator before he became a U.S. Senator.

We know that he is pro-abortion. But that's not all. He supports more gun control, a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. He is for Affirmative Action, a concept that is racist at its very core. He created quite a stir in Illinois for his defiant opposition to the Iraq War. He is also opposed to so-called 'racial profiling'--a practice that has probably saved the country thus far from another terrorist attack perpetrated by young Muslim men of Middle Eastern descent.

Obama also became known for his rabid support of the labor union movement. He has consistently criticized Wall Street for 'not looking out for the best interests of American workers.'

Pray tell, Mr. Obama, how is that Wall Street doesn't care about workers when the very corporations represented on the various stock exchanges are responsible for providing millions of Americans with jobs? Or is it that in your ultra-leftist/marxist mindset it is considered immoral for a corporation to make a profit, which benefits stock-holders and ultimately benefits workers?

Finally, Barack Obama broke with many of his Democrat colleagues in voting against Bush nominee John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. People on both sides of the aisle praised Roberts as an excellent jurist with an impeccable record of integrity and painstaking precision in interpreting the Constitution in a manner consistent with the intent of the Founders.

Yet Obama voted 'NO' on Roberts.

What is emerging as time progresses is a politician who has every bit as much of the leftist mentality as Ted Kennedy but with a pleasing personality...not exactly the type of person who is fit for public office of any kind, much less President or even vice-President.

Americans can do themselves and the country a big favor and nip this ominous Obama bandwagon in the bud.

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