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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

News Blackout on Masonic Protest Rally in Alabama

Today--Wednesday, October 11, 2006, was the day that a protest rally was to be held outside the local Grand Lodge of Alabama, Scottish Rite, in order for Masons to register their discontent with the policy of the Grand Lodge to exclude 'Prince Hall Masons,' who are Black. However, to watch the local news broadcasts today one would never know such a rally took place.

It is quite obvious that there was a concerted news blackout of the event.

As you probably know by now, the controversy was sparked by news reports that Alabama Governor Bob Riley is a member of this particular order of Masons. Radio personalities Russ and Dee Fine discussed the issue on the air, which led to the Associated Press picking up the story. A few weeks later Russ and Dee were fired. In the ensuing weeks various Masonic bloggers have kept the story alive, mainly because as Masons they are disgusted that the Grand Lodge continues to hold such a racist policy, in spite of the fact that the U.S. Grand Lodge--the national organization of the Scottish Rite, has long since recognized and accepted Prince Hall Masons. You will not find this story on any of the major news outlets in Alabama, however.

During the past few weeks since the firing of Russ and Dee this story has been squelched. Someone, somewhere has succeeded in putting the lid on this embarrassing episode for the local Grand Lodge and for Governor Riley, who is running for re-election. In fact, one can safely say there is a total news blackout of the story.

It takes some powerful people in some high places to succeed in keeping this story from public view. But that, as they say, is Alabama politics.

I would like to know what happened at the rally today. But I won't be getting it from the traditional news media. I suppose I will have to depend of my fellow bloggers for updates...


Tubulcain420 said...

I heard that masons who have demitted out of the Grand Lodge of Alabama's system of Freemasonry because of their (GL o AL) racist stances towards accepting African Americans into their system and the lack of recognition of Black Freemasonry(Prince Hall) in their state?

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan said...

That is what my understanding...the Masons who object to the Grand Lodge of Alabama's racist stance toward Prince Hall Masons were to have a protest rally in front of the Scottish Rite Shrine in Birmingham late yesterday afternoon.

FM said...

WE did. I led the protest.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan said...

fm, thanks for that heads-up! I wondered what in the world took place. I will visit your blog and find out the latest. Thanks again!