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Monday, October 09, 2006

Hillary Mouths Off on North Korea

At a speaking engagement today, Hillary Clinton displayed her revisionist mindset in answer to a question from a reporter about North Korea and it's nuclear test. Wasting no time in making political hay of the situation, Hillary laid the blame for it all squarely at the feet of President George W. Bush. No reporter followed up with a question about her husband's glaring failures for 8 solid years with regard to North Korea.

Thus, the Clinton/Media Establishment machine is busy at work in rewriting history. In 1994, Bill Clinton, with the aid of Jimmy Carter and others in the Democrat party, provided North Korea with the means by which to build its nuclear program. And then, for the next six years the Clinton Administration took North Korea's word for the fact that they supposedly were not working on nuclear weapons. The North Koreans admitted in 2002 that they had been working on nuclear weapons all along and had lied to the Clinton Administration.

Not only had Clinton and company provided North Korea with the material needed to build nuclear weapons in 1994, but for the next six years failed to make sure the regime was living up to its word. Who is to blame again?

Too bad for Hillary that too many of us have much better memories than she gives us credit for....

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