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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Musings After Midnight--Trayvon, George, Jesse, and Al

Time for another entry in this regular feature on The Liberty Sphere that I call, 'Musings After Midnight,' so named because these observations come during sleepless nights, well after the midnight hour.

There is a bright side to taking certain medications that keep one awake. One is that one can think clearly without distraction. I like the quiet that the wee hours of the night afford. I can allow my mind to be set loose, to wander wherever it will, which has the positive effect of enhancing creativity.

I like playing around with words. I have been a wordsmith most of my adult life having taught English at one point when I was still very young and thought I knew it all, and having written countless sermons, devotionals, articles, and various and sundry other masterpieces that I had hoped would dazzle readers all over the world to the point of their rising up in one unified chorus of adoration.

That never happened. Wonder why.

At any rate, I do love to fool with words, such as alliteration, which you will often find in some of my articles, blog posts, and even in the Second Amendment News Roundup. Sometimes the reader has to watch closely or you miss my attempts at subtle humor. And yes, I know it is the trivial, trifling travail of a twisted mind. But I get it honest.

Did I tell you that I once worked on a 2nd Master's degree in English Rhetoric and Composition? Only a word geek would do such a thing. I don't know what lasting benefit I received from such an education other than to nurture my need to navigate the niche of etymology. But perhaps it has served me well given that at present my life's work revolves primarily around writing.

On to weightier things.

One of the issues that has been on my mind of late is, of course, the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. We can mourn the loss of any life, and our hearts and prayers go out to the young man's family and friends. It is a loss that likely could have been avoided. Such things happen on a daily basis in this country, and it is always regrettable.

However, there is still much that we don't know. Trying the case on TV, in the court of public opinion, is always a colossal mistake. Already much of what TV news has told us has been proved to be false. George Zimmerman never uttered a racial epithet at Martin. NBC News is in a heap of trouble for doctoring the audio, which it admitted happened.

There is, thus, a huge lingering doubt hanging over the notion that this is a case of a so called 'hate crime' that was racially motivated.

Given that the audio was doctored and we now know that Zimmerman never referred to Martin in racially derogatory terms, does this then mean that the race baiters, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are going to apologize for stirring up the fires of racial hatred in this country?

Of course not. But Obama, the mainstream media, and every politician in America should demand such an apology.

These two demagogues, charlatans who have assumed the name of 'Christian minister,' raced to the scene in lightening speed to rev up the rhetoric, call Zimmerman a cold blooded racist murderer, refer to Trayvon Martin as another Jesus Christ, and call for the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws and gun rights.

The rush to judgment about Zimmerman was bad enough. So was using this tragedy to go after the self-defense rights of American citizens. But the last straw in my book was when Jackson and Sharpton likened the death of Trayvon Martin to that of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What abject BLASPHEMY!

And Jackson, and Sharpton, if you happen to read these words of mine, I want you to know that you are BLASPHEMERS who are a disgrace to the Christian ministry. In my book you are neither ministers nor Christians. You are opportunists who will do anything and say anything, including using a young man's death, to pad your own pockets.

Yes, you are using the death of Trayvon Martin as a fund raising mechanism for your sordid, contemptible activity.

You have the right to say whatever you want in America, but I also have the right to call you out and condemn you. You are beneath contempt.

Due to people like Jackson and Sharpton, it is impossible for George Zimmerman to receive a fair trial. That bus has already left the station. There is too much demagoguery, too much opinion shaping in the press, for there to be any semblance of fairness in his trial. It is a tainted process right from the start. Too many lies have been told, even by the very press itself, for there to be any hope of anyone serving on a jury who does not already have an opinion about what took place, right or wrong.

THAT, my friends, is a travesty of justice. It is a perversion of the American justice system. And people like Nancy Grace on CNN's Headline News Network is one of the worst offenders when it comes to trying a case in the media instead of in a court of law. She should have a ball gag placed in her mouth.

I could say the very same thing about Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, for whom I have never had one ounce of respect whatsoever. I can remember when he was nothing more than a Jerry Springer-type TV talk show host who went the way of the dinosaur like 'Carnie,' Phil Donahue, and Ricki Lake. Fox should have left the monster alone.

Such individuals do nothing but undermine the system of justice in this country by presuming they are privy to facts that only a jury would have.

Perhaps we should start throwing out all cases that have been commented on by these babbling baboons of bilge on TV. And then sue them and the networks that carry them. That would put a stop to the unnecessary, needless, and even dangerous speculation that occurs nonstop, 24/7, on TV regarding the trials of citizens who are to be presumed innocent until proved guilty IN A COURT OF LAW.

And as for Obama? What a convenient way to stir up racial and civil unrest in an election year! This thing fell right into his lap. We will now have a three ring circus in Florida going on while the nation makes up its mind concerning the single most important election since the founding of the Republic. This means that the election will not be about the issues. Obama cannot win if it is about that. But now he has a convenient way of escaping his record on the issues. If he can make this about race, which he WILL, then he has a chance.

But there is a way the race thing could backfire. This crowd in D.C. that came galloping in like a bunch of interlopers from the Chicago wasteland has a rather disturbing history on race that has caught the attention of more than just a few Americans.

One, no sooner had Obama and his gang of Chicago thugs taken office than Eric Holder summarily and without explanation dropped the charges against the New Black Panthers in the voter intimidation case. Here, the Panthers were even caught on video wielding billy sticks and clubs at voters outside a polling place--a federal crime. The Bush Administration had charged them with felony voter intimidation. But Holder dropped the charges within 2 months of the Obama Administration taking office, meaning that it WAS a top priority for them to clear the Black Panthers.

Two, Holder wished to bring Gitmo terrorists right to New York City to stand trial in a civilian court over the 9/11 attacks. Even the ultra-liberal New York City howled with protest over that one. Eventually Holder had to back off, but he did so only after delivering a few well chosen barbs at the citizens of the U.S. for their supposed 'racial and religious prejudice.'

What a bastard.

Three, Holder has not said one word--naught, zilch, nada, about the fact that the New Black Panthers have placed a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman--"wanted, dead or alive."

Under normal circumstances any sitting U.S. Attorney General would have openly condemned such a thing and called for an investigation, or even the arrest of the offenders pending that investigation. But no. Not THIS Attorney General. He and Obama owe too much to the New Black Panthers, one of the most subversive, dangerous, and extreme Leftwing hate groups in the country today.

Even the ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Panthers as a hate group. But even that is not good enough for Obama and Holder.

And it is not a coincidence that the Panthers have declared openly that they are waging a race war in America. They even stated on radio that they are coming after the 'honkies,' 'crackers,' 'Jews,' etc, etc.

Why are these people not under arrest and sitting in jail?

Make no mistake, my friends, my views on these matters have nothing to do with race. I condemn the neo-Nazi, white supremacists every bit as much. And, I am heartened that many black Americans are just as appalled by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton as I am. Rational people who think clearly can see the truth and avoid the demagoguery. And that includes millions of black Americans.

My concern is about those who ARE under the influence of these false prophets. Now that they have been manipulated and tainted by the most despicable of the race baiters, which includes madmen like Louis Farrakhan, what will they do? How will they act if Zimmerman is found not guilty? What if a judge decides that there is no sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial?

Any of this is entirely within the realm of possibility. But it is as if the justice system in Florida is being held hostage by a group of racists who demand Zimmerman rot in jail regardless of the facts.

This is, frankly, an unconscionable development in the history of American jurisprudence.  And if Jackson and Sharpton had one single decent ounce of integrity within their sorry carcasses, they would be down there in Florida attempting to calm people down rather than fanning the fuel of social unrest.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spanish company contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes

In a follow up investigation to an earlier report today concerning the outsourcing of vote tabulations for the Nov. 2012 elections in the U.S., this reporter has learned that SCYTL, a Spanish corporation run by a major Obama contributor, has contracted with 900 local jurisdictions in over 14 states to count the votes in the Presidential election.
According to SCYTL's website, the company's software will be used to report election results in the state of Arkansas along with 13 other states:
"Scytl’s election management subsidiary, SOE Software, has recently been selected by the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Division of Elections to provide its Clarity ENR solution and enhance the State’s web presentation of Election Night Results. With this selection, Arkansas will join over 800 Election jurisdictions in 13 states that leverage the industry leading election results solution.  Clarity ENR presents results data graphically through the utilization of maps, bar charts, totals and downloadable reports. Ballot contest and/or issue information may be presented at the state and county level with granular detail provided down to a specific voting precinct. The solution will empower every web visitor with access to user friendly presentation of voting data to include contest details, status of counties / precincts reporting, voter turnout, vote type summaries and more." 

Nov 2012 vote tabulation raising concerns

Although the mainstream media has yet to report on the fact that a Spanish based company will be tabulating the Nov. 2012 vote, those who are aware of the plans are raising serious concerns about the integrity and privacy of the U.S. general election this year.
The Obama Administration has apparently contracted with SCYTL, a vote tabulation company in Barcelona, Spain, to count the U.S. vote in November.
While some of the most serious charges leveled by critics concerning the company cannot be verified, there is enough information available about the firm to call into question the motives and the wisdom of choosing such an entity in what most politicos are calling the most important U.S. election since the founding of the Republic.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, April 12, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea has more on 'the Bastard' and his relentless attempts to usurp the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people, not only in NYC but EVERYWHERE.

The War on Guns provides a Mike Vanderboegh health update. Keep him in your prayers.

Kurt Hofmann posts info on a certified wacko who says that the right to keep and bear arms is 'racist.'

WRSA explains why, with links, that the economic doomsday ship has already left the harbor. Brace for impact.

Tam makes an important point about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case. A must read.

Way Up North has all of the Alaska news that's fit to print.

Alphecca reports that demand for guns and ammo is so high that some areas may see shortages very soon.

Around O Town wishes to ask Eric Holder a very important question now that he has praised racist nutcase Al Sharpton and gotten an indictment against George Zimmerman (and yes, I believe it was a political put up job).

Pamela Geller posts an explosive story out of Florida showing that the nation is heading headlong into pre-Nazi Germany. 200 Jewish students have been targeted in an attempt by Muslims simply to get rid of them--to remove them from the area!

Every Blade of Grass provides a few must-see thoughts for the day via graphics.

Fact check on Hilary Rosen reveals numerous untruths

Democratic Party strategist Hilary Rosen has created a firestorm of controversy by attacking Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, claiming that she "has never worked a day in her life," and therefore is not qualified to make statements about the impact of the current economy on women.
Romney is a breast cancer survivor and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She raised five children at home through it all.
As the comments made by Rosen reverberated throughout the nation, leading some within the Democratic Party to distance themselves from Rosen, the public relations strategist doubled down on her attack mode this morning on CNN. 
"This is not about Ann Romney," she said, although last evening she stated on Twitter that Romney could not relate to the needs of women who are forced to raise children and work outside the home.
But a closer look at Rosen's statements this morning during her CNN interview reveal numerous untruths when put to the fact check test.

Click here to continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's National Conservative Examiner.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Brigid presents a must-read on self-defense in your home. Whatever you do, don't miss this one.

The New York Liberty Report has explosive news concerning a proposed law in Virginia that is designed to defy Obama in the event he invokes the ominous provisions of the new NDAA.

Stand Up America reports that Ben Bernanke has warned Congress that the U.S. is very close to total economic destruction. You read that right. You had better be worried.

Mike Vanderboegh has suffered a setback in his recovery from major surgery, and he needs our prayers.

Days of our Trailers reviews and evaluates Taurus firearms and their customer service. I like Taurus myself. A very good value, and the quality, at least in my experience, has been as good as the 'biggies.' I call it 'the poor man's Smith and Wesson.'

Mike McCarville posts an analysis provided by Tulsa Today indicating another reason why NPR (PBS) should be de-funded.

Squeaks comments on Santorum's demise in the GOP race, along with other sundry political items, such as Obama's chances and Romney's apparent deficit in support.

The War on Guns has the latest news on the person known affectionately at The Liberty Sphere as 'the Bastard'--NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose anti-gun bigotry knows no bounds as he attempts to expand his fiefdom to other cities and states.

The Wandering Minstrel posts a most interesting take on NBC, entitled, 'National Bullshit Corporation.' Take a look.

Roberta X informs us about the Republican race in Indiana involving RINO Sen. Richard Luger, who desperately needs to be replaced, and the man who is challenging him for the Republican nod to face the Democrat in November.

Border patrol agent caught running his own Fast and Furious operation

Fully a year and four months have passed since whistleblower agents with the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--went public with the Obama Administration's scheme to place guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to create false statistics that would prove that most of the firearms used by criminals in Mexico come from the United States, and thus, justify the call for drastic new U.S. gun control laws.
Although the illegal plot was brought to an abrupt end, apparently a U.S. Border Patrol agent used the scheme as inspiration for his own personal Fast and Furious operation.
The El Paso Times reported yesterday that a Texas U.S. Border Patrol agent and his girlfriend were arrested after a year long investigation conducted by the ATF and U.S. Customs...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab?

A news report has been quietly making its way around the alternative media, under the radar screen, concerning a Delaware legal decision to strip county sheriffs of their arrest powers in the state.
The mainstream media has not reported the story, but the son of Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as Attorney General for the state of Delaware, has issued a mandate to county commissioners informing them that sheriffs in the state's three counties no longer have arrest powers.
When the information reached this reporter late yesterday evening, further investigation revealed that there is a nationwide effort to strip local sheriffs of most of their enumerated powers that are mandated in the state constitutions of the various states. Such a move would have the net effect of abolishing local sheriffs departments and strengthening the power of federal law enforcement agencies. 
And this is not the first time such an effort has been launched. 

Monday, April 09, 2012

Alaska gun store secures political support in dispute with ATF

In a phone interview moments ago with this reporter, the owner of the Great Northern Guns store in Anchorage, Alaska, stated that his refusal to turn over to the ATF his 'Bound Book'  has picked up political support from the state's elected officials in Washington.
Frank Taiazza of Great Northern Guns indicated that he had received nearly a dozen calls today from local, state, and national officials who expressed the desire to investigate why the ATF would request that he turn over the 'Bound Book' containing sales records, names, addresses, and personal information, including photo I.D.s and background checks, of all citizens who had purchased guns in his store since 2007.

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, April 9, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea says that Bill Cosby's views on guns in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case show the hypocrisy of the elitists.

Kurt Hofmann notes that the NAACP wants to shoot the messenger at the NRA convention!

Mike Vanderboegh points to info on the fact that the White House won't let Issa question a key witness in the Fast and Furious scandal. That only means they have plenty to hide.

WRSA has a must read on home invasion survival.

Brigid has guns, ammo, and food, oh my!

Tam serves up some political snark for your reading pleasure.

Way Up North posts all the particulars concerning the fact that in the midst of this heavy deluge of deadly global warming during which the polar ice caps are melting right and left and northern areas are getting so warm it's killing the bears, Anchorage has just had the heaviest season of snow in its history.

Alphecca reports that Obama has snubbed Dr. John Lott over his book on guns.

Around O Town opines on the fact that somebody just proved Eric Holder wrong on his contention that no voter I.D. laws are needed. Somebody just got hold of Holder's ballot!

Pamela Geller provides the absolute, essential read of the day. This one takes the cake. Now the 'honor killing' SOBs of a certain religion wish to blame Geller and Robert Spencer for murder!

Attacks on gun rights intensify

Attacks on the gun rights of U.S. citizens for a variety of reasons have seemingly intensified in recent days. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, the 'Stand Your Ground' laws that over half of the states have passed have come under intense scrutiny and criticism.
A South Carolina legislator introduced a proposal to repeal the state's Stand Your Ground law. Similar measures have been undertaken in Georgia, and Florida has been under pressure to do the same. In addition, the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C. has called for the repeal of such laws.
Further, the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--has suddenly and inexplicably begun to demand that gun stores in Alaska turn over their 'Bound Book,' which contains vital information on every purchase and customer who bought firearms in that place of business.