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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Politics and the Tebow intermission

In what is sure to provide a refreshing intermission from the non-stop political coverage that is standard for an election year such as this, famed quarterback Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos will square off against the New England Patriots tonight in prime time in what TV execs say could the highest rated playoff game ever.
Interest in the game is at a fever pitch on the strength of Tebow's nationwide popularity as a Christian who is unashamed and unafraid to take a public stand for his faith. It certainly doesn't hurt that the Denver quarterback is exceptional in his game, just as he was when he rose to fame during his college days as the star quarterback for the Florida Gators.
The highly respected veteran Oklahoma journalist, Mike McCarville, provides an insightful article today on the Tiebow factor and its inherent intermission from the news of politics.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ron Paul Surges in South Carolina

One week from tomorrow voters will go to the polls in South Carolina to express their preference as to who will face Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential campaign. In-state polling organizations have indicated that the race is so volatile that it is virtually impossible to track voter preference. But one organization released a poll today that indicates dramatic movement in the Republican race in South Carolina.
Ron Paul has surged dramatically in recent days. Until now, the Texas Congressman garnered roughly 9% support in the polls. Today's poll, however, shows that Paul has skyrocketed to 20% of voter support in the state.
If the present trend continues Paul could surge into first place between now and next Saturday when voters go to the polls.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, January 12, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea asks if Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be an acceptable candidate to gun owners. It is a vital question given that McDonnell is being considered for the VP spot by Romney.

Kurt Hofmann opines on holding accountable the anti-gun organizations for propagating 'junk science.'

Mike Vanderboegh notes the possibility that some of the records from the Brian Terry murder case may be unsealed for public view.

WRSA has the latest news from 'the resistance.'

Karl Denninger provides his latest piercing insight into the breaking economic news. Yes, it's still bad, folks.

Tam says that she and Bobbie both are out of commission--one has a bug, and the other is in severe pain. Let's encourage them to get well soon!

Every Blade of Grass presents a must-see video--'100 Years of History in Ten Minutes.'

GunRights4US posts essential reading on the emerging one-party rule, and what to do about it.

Standing By calls our attention to a new writer that may be of great interest to you.

Blonde Sagacity posts some highly interesting information coming out of the exit polls in New Hampshire about each of the Republican candidates...

Romney insures ObamaCare is no issue

The dirty little secret that political pundits inside the beltway keep under their hats is that if Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee, it will insure that ObamaCare is not an issue in the general election campaign against Barack Obama. Already the issue has been placed on the back burner by the RNC and the major candidates running for the GOP nomination, and the subject is barely mentioned anymore in the mainstream media or on Fox News.
The answer is RomneyCare. 
If Romney has an Achilles' Heel, and he has several, it would be his Massachusetts based version of government controlled healthcare, a program he implemented and still supports today. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mystery and the Majesty

The mystery and the majesty.

It's over at the ministry site.

Read it. Thank-you.

Reality-check: why Romney is the likely nominee

Although the volatility of the polls during the Republican primary season indicates that anything could happen, the reality is that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be the likely nominee to face Barack Obama in November. The reason is much more than the mere fact that he won big in New Hampshire yesterday. It's the money. The big money.
But first it is important to understand Romney from a purely traditional conservative point of view. He is no real conservative in the traditional sense but a Republican from the old eastern liberal establishment cabal in the tradition of Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, and Henry Kissinger. This is in stark contrast to Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and modern conservatives such as Jim DeMint.
Since 1976 establishment Republicans have not fared well in Presidential campaigns. Ford lost to Carter in 1976. Reagan beat the establishment elites who opposed him in 1980 and went on to beat Carter in a landslide that year. Four years later he beat Mondale in an even larger landslide.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Live-reporting the New Hampshire GOP primary, with continuous updates

Republicans in New Hampshire have been going to the polls today to cast their votes for their preferences in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Conservative Examiner will be live-reporting the results this evening, along with continuous live updates.
Perhaps the biggest story to watch is the Jon Huntsman surge. Huntsman has spent more time in New Hampshire than any other candidate, and there are signs today that he may surge past Ron Paul for a 2nd place finish, behind Mitt Romney.

Live Updates from the New Hampshire Primary

This evening I will be reporting the results of the New Hampshire Republican Primary, with live updates, at

Most of the polls will close at 7 PM Eastern while a few will close at 8.

I will begin my reports at 7. Join me for live continuous updates.

The 2A News Roundup: Top Ten for Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

The New York Liberty Report says that this year the internal squabbling among Republicans is reminiscent of the Goldwater-Rockefeller blood-letting prior to the 1964 Presidential election.

Alphecca reports that the Arab Press is critical of U.S. gun laws.

Mike McCarville reports that this year the number of independent voters with no party affiliation has reached an all-time high.

Pamela Geller has the ominous news that the Sharia Law ban has been declared unconstitutional by an appeals court.

Days of our Trailers says that the anti-gun Joyce Foundation has been engaging in fraudulent reporting.

GunRights4US declares that American kids have been thoroughly brainwashed. A must-read!

Tam presents another must-read on the lunacy of gun restrictions.

Newbius has a 'thought for the day' from A Girl and her Gun.

The Wandering Minstrel posts a report and a good video on some target practice recently.

Nicki notes that some recent libtard legislation shows that they have an unreasonable fear of guns.

Can Ron Paul Win in South Carolina?

As New Hampshire Republicans go to the polls today to vote for who they prefer as the GOP nominee to run against Barack Obama in November, it is assumed that Mitt Romney will win the state by a comfortable margin. But in the South Carolina primary, the next stop on the Republican schedule a week from Saturday, a big question mark looms over the vote, and a Ron Paul victory is entirely possible.
According to several national polling organizations, including Rasmussen, Romney jumped into the lead in South Carolina following his razor-thin victory in Iowa. It was assumed, further, that with Romney's decisive win today in New Hampshire, the momentum he would carry would make a victory in South Carolina inevitable.
But a major in-state polling organization indicates nothing of the sort.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, January 9, 2012

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea speculates on what's going on with Eric Holder and the ATF officials he sidelined prior to the next hearings on the Gunwalker scandal. The plot just keeps on getting thicker.

Kurt Hofmann reports on the shooting of an 8th grader with a pellet gun and the ensuing calls from the anti-gun bigots to enact 'pellet gun control' laws.

Mike Vanderboegh has an example of 'mind-numbing ignorance' on the part of an anti-gun bigot and his blatant case of hoplophobia.

From WRSA: "By ballot or bullet, restoration is coming."

Way Up North notes that while the lower 48 is experiencing a relatively mild winter with little snow, Alaska is under the gun with the most snow it's seen in decades. And by the way, one village, Cordova, now has 18 feet of snow and was under emergency evacuation as residents could not get out of their homes, and roofs were collapsing.

CLO notes that Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who rates 100% on gun rights.

Billy Beck muses on freedom and whether or not it is too late to save America.

John Jacob H posts a must see video entitled, 'How to Kill 11 Million People'--the title of a best-selling book.

Brigid says to 'light a candle against the dark.'

Denise Simon presents a must-read on Obama's 'bait and switch' ploys.

Cop killing in Arizona connected to Fast and Furious?

Yesterday morning at 4 a.m. in Maricopa County, Arizona a veteran sheriff's deputy was shot to death with a high-powered rifle after responding to a report of a burglary at a strip mall in Anthem, near Interstate Highway 17. Deputies at the scene say that the perpetrator came out of nowhere, sending a spray of bullets their way.
But what makes the story of potential national significance is the fact that under the surface there is talk that the gun used to kill the deputy may be a 'Fast and Furious' weapon that the Obama Administration placed into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in its 'Project Gunwalker' scheme that has now become perhaps the single biggest scandal in the history of American politics.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The loser in last night's Republican debate

If one is to believe the ABC News team of analysts following last night's Republican debate in New Hampshire, then one would have to buy into the notion that everyone on the platform lost but Mitt Romney. The reason? Nobody 'went after' Romney with negative attacks.
In one unified chorus the team of analysts concluded that since no one attacked Romney directly, then they all have conceded that he is the presumed nominee and have essentially deliberately passed up a golden opportunity to gain on the New Hampshire front runner by attacking him relentlessly.
Yet the 'morning after' commentators on the debate appear to see it very differently. In scanning the various op-eds and opinion pieces in the newspapers and online news sites, one is struck by the strong sentiment of many observers who believe that...