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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Low in the grave He lay..."

The devotional, prayer, and song for today is over at the ministry site.  Just click the link below:

Martin Christian Ministries.

God bless you, my friend.

The High Cost of Being a Serious Patriot

This is no walk in the park, my friends.  This is a dangerous, serious endeavor.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

What price are YOU willing to pay for freedom?  We are facing the most serious challenge to our Constitution and liberties since the founding of the nation.  What if we lose in 2012?  What then?  Time to do some serious soul-searching.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday and It's Crucial Significance

The ministry site has today's thoughts on Good Friday and its central importance to Christianity.

Read it at Martin Christian Ministries.

This, my friends, is the greatest love story ever told.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/22/2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann reports that guns from Central America, not the U.S., keep pouring into Mexico.

David Codrea says that the AP gave an incomplete account on the attitude of cops toward concealed carry in Chicago.

Vanderboegh notes that NRA exec Wayne LaPierre appeared on Lou Dobbs to discuss the Project Gunwalker scandal.

WRSA discusses the terrible price patriots often have to pay to fight for liberty.

Way Up North has 'the word for the day.'

Standing By says he is taking a break, and read it to see his reason why.  It is sobering.

Tam blogs on revolvers and Smith & Wesson.

Brigid posts some reflections on Easter Weekend and life in general.

Around O-Town discusses 'Obie's plan for securing our borders.'  Take a look at what the Prez actually said.

Behind the Parapet comments on Obama's new 'task force' that will 'investigate' gasoline prices.  lol

CLO says that the Dead Border Patrol Agent Scandal is only getting worse.

Days of our Trailers informs us of the latest smear campaign against those who support gun rights.

From GunRights4US: 'Concerning Rainbows, Unicorns, Marxists, and other Useful Idiots.'

Alphecca reports that Mexico may sue U.S. gun makers.

The Mood of America and Prices at the Pump

Let's take a look at where America stands right now.  The mood is dismal and gas prices are skyrocketing.

The consequences of this are discussed today at Conservative Examiner.

I would suggest that you read it and stay informed.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week--the Significance of 'Maundy Thursday'

This is the most significant week in Christianity.

At the ministry site, there is an explanation of the significance of this night, referred to as 'Maundy Thursday.'

Read it at Martin Christian Ministries.

I hope you are enlightened and strengthened by the truths presented.  God bless.

Breaking updates on the ATF-DOJ gun smuggling scandal

New info has surfaced.

Read it at Conservative Examiner.


Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/21/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Dustin's Gun Blog provides his take on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's veto of the campus carry bill.

Around O-Town has a MUST-read entitled, 'It's Time for Americans to Take a Stand.'

Mike McCarville reports that Governor Mary Fallin, R-Oklahoma, has signed a bill into law that allows prosecuting attorneys to carry concealed wherever they go.

Alphecca says that Chicago cops don't want citizens to be able to carry concealed.

David Codrea announces that he has filed an appeal concerning the ATF's refusal to give Senator Charles Grassley the documents he requested concerning Project Gunwalker.

Kurt Hofmann follows up on that story by declaring that when it comes to the DOJ, justice is in the hands of criminals.  Amen to that!

Vanderboegh reports that Project Gunwalker refugees from Arizona are finding sanctuary in...none other than...CHICAGO.

WRSA has the must-read of the month with this piece that should sober up the most hopeless of alcoholics, zap drug addicts clean, and cause average citizens to jump into the mode of offense.  Sobering realities here.  Take a look.

Brigid posts a most interesting book review for the mentally-astute reader.

Way Up North notes that a new poll indicates that Alaskan pioneer blood has been watered down by those moving in from the 'Left Coast.'

From GunRights4US: 'And the American Police State Marches On.'

Nicki provides good reading on 'women and guns.'

Days of our Trailers notes the deafening silence from the gun control crowd on the Project Gunwalker scheme.

CLO says that the U.N. is ignoring its own statistics in promoting a gun ban.

The Wandering Minstrel has an informative post on 'city and town carry guns.'

Traction Control reports that Border Patrol agents now confirm that Napolitano has ordered them not to detain illegal aliens so that it will appear as if the border is safer.  More corruption and manipulation of statistics by the Obama Administration.

50 Ways to Beat Obama

Remember the Paul Simon song from the 70s, 'Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover'?

Well, there are at least 50 ways to beat Obama in 2012.  Today I take a look at but a few.

Read them at Conservative Examiner.

These are absolutely essential to getting Obama out of office in 2012!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prayer Changes Me--Tonight's Devotional, Prayer, and Song

Tonight's inspiration is posted over at the ministry site.

Click here--Martin Christian Ministries.

I hope you find it helpful.  God bless.

More Obama lies, arrogance on full display

Yesterday was a day of telling whoppers and acting like a horse's patoot for Barack Obama.

Conservative Examiner reports.

Such lies and such arrogance is absolutely appalling coming from a President.  We MUST get him out of office in 2012!

Gov Brewer's controversial vetoes--harsh political realities

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed 2 bills yesterday that one would think a conservative would support.

So, what's going on here?

Conservative Examiner explains.

There are some harsh political realities at play here that should be of great concern to all Patriots.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tonight's Meditation, Prayer, and Song

You can find tonight's inspiration over at the ministry site.

Click here:  Martin Christian Ministries.

Hope you are encouraged by this evening's spiritual thoughts, and especially the song.  Don't miss it!

God bless!

Op-ed: Obama waxes spiritual--political expediency?

My new op-ed is up, and it is a doozy.

Read it at Conservative Examiner.

Obama waxes spiritual but there is room for plenty of skepticism.  READ ON!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/18/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

WRSA has an important post on modern day practical pistols.  Do yourself a favor and read it all, including links.

Vanderboegh posts the transcripts of Senator Grassley's remarks before the Senate on the stonewalling of the Holder Justice Department on the DOJ-ATF gun smuggling scandal.

Armed and Safe provides a periodic roundup of all of the Gun Rights Examiners.  Take a look, and don't miss his own daily articles at Examiner as well.

Around O-Town reports on the hypocrisy of those who tout 'separation of church and state' while at the same time elevating one religion over another in the public square--i.e., liberals pushing Islam.

Way Up North has all of the Monday morning news from the great state of Alaska.

Breda posts some thoughts on the upcoming annual NRA meeting in Pittsburgh.

John Jacob H declares that the debate is over concerning the AK-47 and the AR-15.

Tam says 'imagine if a GOP administration did THIS...'  Take a look!

Nicki points to the best tax day rant EVER!

CLO asks, 'Will Congress Lay the Groundwork for Gun Confiscation?'  And follow his link to Gun Owners of America as well!

Days of our Trailers has some stuff from the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership that is funny-paper material. Go look.

Every Blade of Grass provides a review of the new movie of Ayn Rand's monumental work, 'Atlas Shrugged.'

Behind the Parapet says that it's time to make a plan concerning gasoline, food, and other skyrocketing prices.

Brigid has the MUST-read quote-of-the-week!

Alphecca posts an interesting read on 'guns and pot.'

Pamela Geller reports the latest news from Egypt--and yes, it's about the Muslim Brotherhood, and yes, it's about imposing Sharia Law.  I don't want to sound arrogant, but...I told you so.

Add the State Department to suspects in DOJ-ATF gun smuggling scandal

The dragnet widens, my friends.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

And let's not forget that Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security shares culpability as well.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sample--Anthony G. Martin sings "Mama's Teaching Angels How to Sing"

For tonight's inspirational thought I offer you a song as my special free gift to you--yes, it is me singing it.

You can find it at Martin Christian Ministries.

I hope you enjoy the song.  And God bless!