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Saturday, April 16, 2011

GOP: Weak Field of Candidates? Think Again!

Don't buy into the ploy that Republicans have a ' weak field of candidates,' none of whom can beat Barack Obama.

Conservative Examiner explains that this is a common ploy in politics.  They used it against Reagan too.

Interesting that the mainstream media talking heads, Democrats, and establishment political  pundits are all mouthing the very same words, the same mantra.  THAT should tell you something in and of itself.

But conservatives have no business falling for it!


Over at the ministry site there is a very special message today entitled, 'Faces.'

I hope you will read it at Martin Christian Ministries.

We never know who we are influencing by our words, actions, attitudes.  One person in my life influence me as no other.  Read on.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Unfailing Love"

Some encouragement today at the ministry site.  I truly hope you will read it.

Click here:  Martin Christian Ministries.

And don't pass up the beautiful song.  God bless!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/15/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid starts us off today with something positive--'just because you can explain it doesn't mean it isn't a miracle.'

Kurt Hofmann caught the DOJ in yet another lie about the Project Gunwalker scandal.

Vanderboegh has something that reaffirms in my mind the term, 'hooded, jackbooted thugs.'

Karl Denninger posts THE MUST-READ of the day.  He lays it on the line.

Open Carry shows us how we can help stop the renewed attempt in California to outlaw open carry.

Way Up North says there is pain at the gas pump in Alaska.  Wow.

Tam comments on suppressors and the push by some to deregulate them.

Days of our Trailers reports that the gun ban crowd dropped that ball on this one in Illinois.  Good.

Around O-Town wonders if Presidents merely state whatever is placed before them on the teleprompter.  I know that Reagan did not.  He was known to change things at the last minute, and would often send speeches back to writers demanding that they insert what he felt was important.  But Obama?  Bush?  I dunno....

Gulag Bound reports on the big meeting sponsored by George Soros last week to discuss new world order global economics.  And look who was in attendance!

Liberty's Army has news on Obama and the Democrats' plan to raise taxes rather than deal with out of control spending.

Suffolk County Liberty Report posts a great article entitled, 'Obama's Big Mistake Is Confusing a Great Nation with Big Government.'

Kosmosnet points to a shocker in which Donald Trump praises Barack Obama while referring to George W. Bush as 'evil.'  THAT should tell you something about Trump's true colors.

The O' Broad says 'It's Weasel Time!'  Da bestest political cartoons on algore's internetssss.

Video--Grassley unleashes on Holder, ATF on Senate floor

The latest on the Project Gunwalker scandal.

Read it at Conservative Examiner.

Video included.  (H/t to Mike Vanderboegh).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Prayer for the Cleanup of Government

This is important for anyone who is sick and tired of the corruption that is rampant in all three branches of government.

Read this prayer for the cleanup of our government at Martin Christian Ministries.

Stay strong, Christian patriot!  This battle is far from over.

"Gentle Shepherd"

Today's devotional thought is entitled, 'Gentle Shepherd.'

You can find it at the ministry site at Martin Christian Ministries.

Be sure to watch the song as well, and let it bless you.  It is a comfort to the weary soul.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/14/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Tam has news on the status of some pending gun legislation in a few key areas.

GunRights4US posts an interesting read on aggressive driving.  Methinks I don't wanna be near him on the road.  LOL.

Alphecca reports progress on California's attempt to ban open carry.  Not surprising.

Around O-Town provides an eye-opener on Muslim scholars and their view of Christianity.  Take a look.

Way Up North has an important read from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  If you don't read it, then you are probably a hopeless commie.

From Newbius: "10 Percent."  Good reading.

Nicki points out that now there is even more reason for Congress to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.  Look at the reason why!

WRSA has links to news on the economy that should be of great concern to the discerning American. Go read.

Dakota Voice provides essential reading entitled, 'The Next Big Lie.'

Kurt Hofmann reports a follow-up to an earlier story on an Illinois initiative that would strengthen the right to self-defense.

ALERT! Major Breaking News on ATF Gun Smuggling Scandal

CBS is reporting major breaking news on the ATF gun smuggling scandal, just in a bit ago.

Read it all, plus more about ATF shakeup, at Conservative Examiner.

Grassley fired off a letter to Holder last night in response to what he saw in some emails.  Take a look.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Go Ask the Man"

For this evening's devotional and prayer, the ministry site has 'Go Ask the Man."

Read it at Martin Christian Ministries.

God bless!

Interesting new face surfaces among possible Presidential contenders

I wasn't expecting this one.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

I could get excited about this guy.  What say you?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Prayer for America

This is important, folks.

I have never been so concerned for my country as I am at this hour.

Read the Prayer for America at Martin Christian Ministries.

Thank you.  God save this land.

"I Have Not Forgotten"

This is today's inspirational thought from Martin Christian Ministries.

I hope you are as moved by the subject matter and the song as I was.

Don't pass this up, please.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/12/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Vanderboegh presents some more coverup clues regarding the ATF-DOJ gun smuggling scandal.

Kurt Hofmann says that the effort to protect Illinois gun owners' privacy is picking up steam.

WRSA announces that 'school is in session.'  Time to get your education on the real truth of what we face in America today.  Read it all, and follow his links.

Way Up North has the quotes of the day.

Newbius marks this day in history.

Around O-Town presents some Jihad idiocy from the New York State Senate.

Pamela Geller, who is on the front lines fighting the Jihadists in America, has more on this story from the New York Senate. 

Gun Pundit reports that a girl was expelled from school for having a tattoo gun tool.  Big Brother marches forward.

Tam opines on the unnerving violation of the rules of gun safety at gun shows.

Mike McCarville has written an open letter to Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, urging him to run for President.  Interesting...

1 With a Bullet writes a review of a gun store in Houston, Texas.

Days of our Trailers says that a group has designated the NRA as a 'domestic terrorist organization.'

Traction Control shares with us his current reading list.  Some good ones!  Take a look. 

Federal court to consider OKC bombing videotapes in FOIA request

New information on the still-developing controversy surrounding new documentation of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Read it all at Conservative Examiner.

It will be interesting to see what the federal court thinks about unreleased footage of video the FBI removed from the scene and never presented as evidence.

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Stand By Me"

The latest entry at the ministry website to encourage you.

Read it by clicking here--Martin Christian Ministries.

And don't pass up the song at the end.  It is a gem and a classic that will warm your heart!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/11/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann reports that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is up to its dirty lies again.

Vanderboegh has news about one of our own, David Codrea.

WRSA says that there is something unexpected for the Obama minions to fight.  Take a look, follow the links.

GunRights4US posts a great article entitled, 'What I Learned in the Marine Corps.'

Newbius wants to know if there will be a DC-area blogger bash.  I have no idea.  Anyone?

The Wandering Minstrel issues an Arizona legislation alert on guns.

Way Up North reports the good news that the 'No Duty to Retreat' bill has passed the Alaska House.

Tam makes a few snarky comments about the Taurus firearms, which she says aren't known for quality.  Okay, I will jump into this fray--I have had a Taurus .38 police and military special for several years, and I am extremely pleased with it.  It does the job of a S & W and at roughly half the cost (at the time).  But, admittedly, it is the only Taurus I ever owned.  Sooooo, I am only speaking of MY experience.

Brigid says that if you think 'gun free' is bad enough, wait till you see this from Indiana!

Around O-Town opines on the latest onslaught of immigrants who, although they can't wait to get here, tell  us how sorry America is once they're here.  Maybe they should go back to where they came from,.then!

From Days of our Trailers--'I'm Just One.'  Good reading!

Alphecca informs us that HBO is going to air a special, which is a hit-piece on gun rights.  Time to burn up HBO's phone lines in protest!

Gabby Hoffman has a great video on Obama's history of failure.  Don't miss this one!

Gulag Bound says that rumors of Glenn Beck's demise are greatly exaggerated.  I agree.

Liberty's Army posts a video depicting big government lunacy.  Warning--this is not for innocent eyes, and it is sure to make you livid. 

ATF agents say motive of gun smuggling was to hype anti-gun hysteria--and kill

Breaking news today on the ATF-DOJ gun smuggling scandal...

Conservative Examiner reports.

It seems the mainstream media is reporting every single theory as to motive, except for the correct one.  The ATF whistleblowers make it abundantly clear as to motive.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Death is Not the End--A Message in Word and Song

New post at the ministry site.

Hope you will read and then watch/listen to the wonderful song at the end.

You can find it all at Martin Christian Ministries.

You will also find a special prayer request for our friend and colleague, David Codrea, and his family here.

Somebody's going to jail--latest on ATF-DOJ gun smuggling scandal

Looks like somebody is going to the big house before this is over.

Conservative Examiner reports.

Note who's singing like a canary to Issa and Grassley!