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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I admit I like a good kick-ass Clint Eastwood or Tommy Lee Jones movie--films that routinely portray the use of firearms either in a positive light or as a matter of necessity.

These films are a welcome respite from the normal assembly-line of Hollywood garbage that politicizes the subject of firearms to the point of nausea.

You know the ones to which I refer. The plot template usually involves politicians who during the course of the movie will make a derogatory statement about firearms and the citizens who use them.

The Michael Douglas film The American President is a perfect case in point.

At the end of the film Douglas, who plays the role of a U.S. President under fire during a re-election bid, receives cheers and praise as he tells the American people and his opponent that 'if I have to go door to door myself, I'm gonna get the guns.'

The message of course is that door-to-door confiscation of all of the citizens' guns is actually a good thing. Nausea pangs begin to bubble deep in the pit of my stomach.

And then, last night I happened to watch a movie from the year 2000 entitled The Contender. The movie focuses on the problems of a Leftwing extremist female Senator who is nominated for Vice-President.

Naturally, this is the perfect template from which to unleash another stream of anti-gun propaganda. Near the end of the movie the candidate states that she believes that 'guns should be removed from every single household in America.'

And naturally she is the heroine of the film.

My nausea kicked into high gear and nearly culminated in uncontrolled projectile vomiting...were it not for the remote button that my finger mysteriously and spontaneously settled upon to switch to something more soothing to my digestive system.

In all likelihood my reaction to the piece of Hollywood garbage would not have been so severe had it not been that I had just watched a hopelessly clueless actress on the Golden Globes spout some mindless drivel on how the American people 'turned out in droves to take back this country and bring hope to the future' on election day.

The 2 together in one night was almost too much to expect a man to withstand.

This is precisely why I detest Hollywood, actors in general, and producers and screen writers. In this day and age, we can expect the entire lot to march in lockstep with Socialist dogma, denigrate everything that made America great, and generally be the worthless little puppet kings and prima donnas of the nation.

And my due apologies go to the honorable and courageous conservative minority that dwells in that cesspool.

I can't even stand to look at Tom Hanks anymore after his endorsement of Barack Obama.

And as for guns in the movies? As long as Eastwood and Jones are around we will get a fair shake. But these guys aren't spring chickens anymore. What about after they're gone?


Mark B said...

Lets not forget actors Joe Penny and Tom Selleck, as well as writers and producers Joel Surnow, John Fasanco and John Milius.
Sorry about anybody that I can't think of.

Welshman said...

Mark, those are some good ones...Mel Gibson as well!

Jay21 said...

Watch "Shoot em Up"
It has a few anti-gun stabs, but I think it is one hell of an entertaining movie. I love the impossible uses they have found for gunshots.